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And those were the very things that I find endearing about ol' Doug. It's what separates him from the self-righteous, fanatical prig with the combat knife in the photo.
Russians are trustworthy. I can say that despite the fact that I'm married to one. They just suffer from corrupt, self-interested leadership. Of course, so do Americans.
Call me a heathen, but I have no qualms about personally dispensing post natal birth control on an Islamist who poses a threat to my family. My opinion is that allies in battle need not run in the same social circles.
Bravo! I like people who recognize prigs (and know what the word means) and take a public stand against them
Capital idea, but that would mean that our government would lose an effective boogeyman with which they can scare the electorate into surrendering their liberty and the contents of their bank accounts for bloated bureaucracy at home and pointless regime change and nation building abroad.
Good. Now you're catching on to my sarcasm. As a boy, I learned my craft at Our Lady of Perpetual Snark. :-)
Well played, eric. I may not always agree with you, but I like the cut of your jib.
eric, I'm only an occasional TH visitor, although I have been coming here since the site opened. Confusion and hypocrisy still reigns supreme.
Yeah. That's in the Gospel of Luke, right? And Jesus said, "Verily I tell you to nuke the enemies of my Father and all of His creation about them."
That's right. Everyone knows that the Jews were never, ever persecuted or scapegoated for their religious beliefs by any Western country prior to Karl Marx.
Roger that tibby2. I enlisted three times and swore to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic who would strip away our Liberty. I was prepared to lay down my life to protect the natural or God-given rights of my fellow citizens to speak, assemble, worship and petition their government with grievances. I'm not a religious person, but I respect and revere the Constitution. I have often wondered since then, how many of my fellow religious citizens would reciprocate for me.
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