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"Tradition, tradition." Go listen to Tevya sing it in "Fiddler on the Roof." Gee, I loved that show and I'm not even gay. :)
I suppose that means you would choose to live in Detroit over Saint Petersburg. :)
Actually, the Russian Orthodox Church was tolerated throughout most of the Soviet days. It was just not something that you followed, if you aspired to move up in the party. Of course, there were occasional sightings of the wives and kids of party members being ushered from their limos into the back entrances of churches. But, I'm only married to someone who grew up in the USSR, so you're the obvious expert.
Congratulations, you've gone from priggish to boring in just one post. I'm just a dirty heathen veteran, so your biblical citations are wasted on me. I confess to enjoying dispensing a little sarcasm to tweak all the self-righteous Pharisees. The world's morality has been continuously collapsing for ten thousand years, but it never quite gets there. Excuse me, if I don't take seriously such an absurd claim that Dougie is a bigger threat to me than a Muslim religious fanatic in a head scarf. Go play dueling scripture with Alive in Him. I'm outta here. BTW, try reading more closely next time. I said that your moral focus is on piddling vices like alcohol and cigars.
I hate to break it to your Holiness and the other "adults" of which you speak, but many of the people on whom you depend to keep you safe from the freak with the knife in the photo are potty-mouthed, alcohol drinking and cigar smoking ruffians who wouldn't make the cut into Heaven, if it were up to your kind. I hope for your sake that you never have to personally stand up to an Islamist nutcase for what is truly right and good, not the piddling vices on which you seem to focus.
And those were the very things that I find endearing about ol' Doug. It's what separates him from the self-righteous, fanatical prig with the combat knife in the photo.
Russians are trustworthy. I can say that despite the fact that I'm married to one. They just suffer from corrupt, self-interested leadership. Of course, so do Americans.
Call me a heathen, but I have no qualms about personally dispensing post natal birth control on an Islamist who poses a threat to my family. My opinion is that allies in battle need not run in the same social circles.
Bravo! I like people who recognize prigs (and know what the word means) and take a public stand against them
Capital idea, but that would mean that our government would lose an effective boogeyman with which they can scare the electorate into surrendering their liberty and the contents of their bank accounts for bloated bureaucracy at home and pointless regime change and nation building abroad.
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