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Obama Is Out Of Touch With the American Entrepreneurial Spirit

Alma32 Wrote: Jul 25, 2012 4:46 PM
I sure agree! He's a Muslim islamist - rotten to the core. We gotta kick him and all his forged papers OUT. He can't keep track of his lies.

WASHINGTON - President Obama says that if you start a successful business that creates lots of jobs, you didn't make it happen -- "somebody else made that happen."

Obama's thoughtless, insensitive, ideologically-driven remark must have come as a shock to many hard-working, enterprising, risk- taking Americans who have started new businesses, often under intensely competitive, even brutal circumstances, and survived.

These are very ambitious people who have dreamed of building a business of their own and becoming employers whose success creates payrolls, strengthens communities and fuels prosperous economies.

Many do not make it. Millions fail in their first try, but try...