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Hey Anne. 12 hours straight on the computer. Get a break. Walk around. You don't wnat to end up with a vein thrombus and pulmonary embolism!
You can keep denying it. It doesn't make it false!
Whne it is buried by 20 other lies!
Still unable to put together a coherent respons, RG!
Bush's last deficit = 1.2 Trillion. Obama's last deficit = 1.4 Trillion. In Romney's math that is DOUBLING the deficit. The same math that states the deficit won't increase with a 5 Trillion tax cut and a 2 Trillion addition to teh defense budget.
That's why you try to repress as many votes as you can!
Devil Dog: You are so ignorant, you are almost hopeless. Bush's last budget was the one that included the beginning of 2009. Therefore, Bush's last deficit was actually 1.2 Trillion. The deficit in 2012 was 1.4 Trillion. I know most conservatives suck at math. But, even you can see that is not DOUBLE!
Which Romney lie did you say you wanted to start with?
Irrelevant RG. Are you able to follow a thread and stay on topic?
Hey DevilDog: Do you want to start with the 5 Tillion tax cut and how it will decrease the deficit? or, do you prefer to talk about the lie that Romney's health care alternative will include coverage for pre-existing condition? Or, how about the lie that President Obama doubled the deficit? Or, that Obamacare will result in 20 million Americans losing their health insurance? Or, the lie that Obamacare will destroy the job amrket? Which lie would you prefer to start with?
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