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You are sick and evil Thats it for today. Just evil....
(shaking my head) How could I have ever posted that?
Sales taxes.
Why bother? Conservatism is dead in America. And white people will soon be a minority. Christians and rightists an even smaller one.
Jacks this Congress (on the GOP side) is openly hostile to a black President. They wouldnt pass ANYTHING if the idea came from Obama or Dems
The only fraud I've ever seen verified was on the Republican sde. In 2000 and 2004. Ohio and Florida.
Economics 101 The more citizens, the more taxes. Economics 102 The more people in the country. the more consumers. Sheesh...you people are clueless.
Its true, these young people didn't do a thing wrong. And more importantly, America's needs young fresh blood. We can't allow our average population age to creep up like europe and Japan.
For WHAT reason would you call him a "racist"?????
I fully support and applaud Obama administration giving "guests" in this country under 30 a way to stay and become citizens. Even MORE voters for the Democrat Party! Your decline and fall will happen all the more SWIFTLY
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