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do you look in the mirrow and repeat "I'm a phucking stupid asssss" over and over to see if someone is listening?
keep in handy by the Bay for election night DD:)
now that's some funny sheeetttt!
GW wrote: Allytramp lurking downthread. Hiding in the weeds as 1987worstyearofmylife... seriously? she thinks that year was bad? how about her poor parents, brother and the doctor that tried to abort her??? the selfishness of Ali...go figure
D...I just tried the email I thought was correct...check?
hey guys....I'll try and email you both!!!
G in Pa, DD, Sheep...all the rest....if you haven't seen this, open it I think this was the work of Wookies mama after last debate.... nuff said
NO PHUCKING WAY....the comrade still has a pulse!
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