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Millions of citizens with arsenals who hate the govt? Good recipe for civil war woulnt you say? Another reason we have to get back to sanity.
Just be grateful it's not you that is getting a visit from me and Jeron tonight, trash! I'm tired of being stalked and I'm tired of being threatened......no woman deserves that.....especially not me.
You know very well I meant in future progressive societies.....there will be no need for divisive entities like religions or ethnicities.
There has never been a tyranny of govt in America since we were founded.
It would be much easier to make our streets safer if guns were made less available. And dont say "oh thats impossible"....anything is possible given the right motivation and power. Since you claim to be knowlegable, why dont you post the gun homicide rates of nations closest to ours demographically and show the sad fact that WE are the highest murder rates of all?
No, the gun companies manufacture and sell them.
I call BS on that one!
Of course the problem wouldnt be solved overnite....but in time it WOULD be and we would see our gun homicide rates fall to other countries like Europe and Australia
You do sound like a crazed militant. The government is YOUR government too you fool.
Yes, and I paid the price for trusting the wrong person. My big heart has always been my #1 failing. But we learn from our mistakes....well those of us who are WISE do....
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