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I worry for Jeron when I read the fanatical comments here about teachers. You probably think HE should be fired just for being a progressive. I'm sure he keeps his political views out of the classroom (he support Obama, OWS & was active n marching for justice for Trayvon Martin)
Go google Eric Holder explaining why not all crimes, even when inter-racial, are hate crimes
I would match my intelligence, eduation and verbiosity against YOURS any day of the year, dear.
Here we go..... Was waiting for the "she got her job thru affirmative action" comment that EVERY white racist has to make about ANY black person with a job.
And I haven't even had my hotcakes yet.
Whites commit 50% of the violent crime and 2/3 of all crime, deal with it.
To me Obama is like a modern day Henry V.
I can respect, admire and vow to fght for the man, without worshipping him.
Exactly. It's unacceptable for kids to be texting away or playing games while they are supposed to be listening. I went to high school in the dark ages (late 90's/early 00's) before smart phones, but even then, classes were easily disrupted. And I had the good fortune of going to a good school with small class sizes and great teachers.
1. I would get use to Islam and Muslim people because it and they arent going anywhere....and in fact, there will be millions more Muslims in this country quite soon. 2. Our foreign "adventures" like Afghanistan and Iraq are dismal failures....lives and money squandered....and we even BORROWED the money to fun these crusades from China. These "wars" we have so meticulously LOST are glaring reminders that we are a paper tiger empire in full decline. 3. Your transparent attacks on teachers (all govt workers but especially teachers) are disgusting and I would like to see any of you do that job in any public school for ONE week without running screaming in the opposite direction.
I havent been to Kansas City yet. But I am looking forward to it sometime this summer.
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