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The 2010 elections made me a little angry at the ignorance of my fellow Americans.
I'm just talking about another crazy conspiracy theory! bwahaha The sad part is, most of you BELIEVE progressives and Obama want a one world govt controlled by the UN.
We can do whatever we set out to do. America is slipping out of your grasp and WE are taking over. The schools, the media, political offices and the courts. The military is next.
Hmmm. Mousy little Mo must not be around this weekend. Probably jetting off 1st class to some island getaway.....or so she will probably come back here and bore us to death recounting. If what she says of her life is true, Mo has never had to work or struggle for anything. Typical 1% exploiter.
I am white but I reject white privelege.
Amy walks like a duck but that's the unfortunate problem with being bowlegged.
My gangsta? I am single at the moment, and dont date "gangstas" anyway.
Benjamin teachers hands are ruthlessly TIED in what they can or cannot do to maintain classroom order, or discipline. It's not like the old days when kids were punished, felt shamed, or were even given a good whack.
I've got to get to breakfast. I will return. BQ isn't til tomorrow, & I'm still deciding whether it's the right time to make my mea culpas and put the bad blood behind us. I'm in the mood for pancakes and syrup.
I worry for Jeron when I read the fanatical comments here about teachers. You probably think HE should be fired just for being a progressive. I'm sure he keeps his political views out of the classroom (he support Obama, OWS & was active n marching for justice for Trayvon Martin)
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