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Caution: If you do stick fork in her, step back quickly. There's gonna be one huge torrent of nasty stuff squirting out.
Last sentence of article says, "How many illegal votes are acceptable?" This formula answers the question X times 1.10 = Y Where X is the number of votes my candidate is predicted to lose by; and where Y is the number of illegal votes that are acceptable. The 1.1 factor is in there to overcome imprecise polling.
Election results would be disputed by the Democratic party bosses, with the underlying motivation being that he is not sufficiently liberal and unhinged to represent mainstream party members in DC.
One of the arguments advanced in favor of nationalizing the healthcare insurance system is the reduced "overhead costs" relative to the private sector. I guess this $8 billion (assuming the number is correct), eats into those hypothetical savings just a teeny bit.
Chris: Shut up. Move on. The operative words are: "What difference does it make?" There is nothing more to be learned. After all, we have had an all-consuming, all-out effort to conduct an investigation and pursue/punish those responsible .... and to hold fully accountable any who did not handle this properly. If the powers-that-be are satisfied, then who are We (The People) to be skeptical and persistent to the point of becoming pains in the buttocks? I could go on, but right now it is hard to think straight and take the role of an open minded, unbiased observer on account of that tingling feeling going up my leg.
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