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Rick Santorum's Impossible Dream

allie10 Wrote: Apr 12, 2012 11:40 AM
"No one gets hurt when two gays marry?" Really? what about children who will have to learn as early as five that this is an acceptable way of life? Don't you realize how confusing and damaging that will be? If parents express their views and Gods views to their kids and they tell their teachers, will they be turned into the authorities because they are intolerant? Will their kids be taken away? The church will also be forced to rewrite the bible because of the "hate" speech against homosexuality. Catholic and christian adoption agencies will and some already have shut down. Children will be forced through adoption into homes with gay couples. Children and society are the big losers in this, as usual!

Most campaigns have a musical theme. Rick Santorum, who "suspended" his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination on Tuesday, might have selected the song "The Impossible Dream."

Santorum's dream seemed improbable, if not impossible, from the start. He lost his last Senate race and had been out of office -- and out of mind -- for the last few years; not exactly a platform on which one usually runs for president.

Political "experts" believed his chief foe, Mitt Romney, was unbeatable. Santorum played an important role by exposing some of Romney's weaknesses, but early enough that it will help Romney in...