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Selfish Celebrities Vs. Starving Citizens

allen [skip] Wrote: Aug 28, 2012 7:38 PM
Charles you seem a little upset with these celebrities, you have to forgive them. When they are flying up there high in the sky, the air is just to thin for them. This is why they are so delusional, just look at what it has done to our hope and change president. They said he was a nice guy till he got AIR FORCE 1 see it is the thin air. Charles I have come to the point in life where if the American people are to lazy to make these air heads do what we want. Then we deserve everything we get from these politicians, we have given up to much of our own freedoms. Great article!
 the summer of 1968, Universal Pictures was shooting a movie based on the best oil well fighter in the industry. Paul "Red" Adair was such a legend in the field of putting out these gargantuan fires that only one man could play the role-John Wayne. Just as shooting began in Hollywood, a wildcatter just made the oil find of his career when tragedy struck. Philip Anschutz's oilfield caught fire. This could have ruined the young man who bought the business from his father. Instead, an idea popped into his head. He called Universal and told them their movie could never look...
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