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Until we force our public servants [politicians and their appointees] to do what they say, not play word games and not change definitions of words they use. This country will never recover from its downward spiral!
When you kill a snake first thing to do is cut its head off!
Charles you seem a little upset with these celebrities, you have to forgive them. When they are flying up there high in the sky, the air is just to thin for them. This is why they are so delusional, just look at what it has done to our hope and change president. They said he was a nice guy till he got AIR FORCE 1 see it is the thin air. Charles I have come to the point in life where if the American people are to lazy to make these air heads do what we want. Then we deserve everything we get from these politicians, we have given up to much of our own freedoms. Great article!
Obama does not give a rats a-s for Blacks, Latino`s, Asians and he definitely hates Whites. Seems like the only people he likes are muslims and communist. If you really want to help all the kids in the inner city, than stop giving them just enough to live on for free and require them to do some kind of work. Whether they like their job assignment or not, show them that an education is their best way out of poverty. Make them responsible for their actions, by strict standards, you do not work you do not eat and if they want to riot then take what ever action needed to protect all law bidding citizens. Stop making our prisons and jails colleges for criminals! It is time for these people to stop blaming others for their failures!
Do these blacks understand that the democratic party started the KKK and the last known KKK, who was president of the US was Woodrow Wilson!
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Election Integrity: It Matters

allen [skip] Wrote: Jul 28, 2012 3:18 AM
Try to get into the DOJ Building, guess what you have to show a picture ID Card. Same with court houses and other government buildings. What Holder and the democrats are doing is a crime but they get away with this kind of lawlessness because the MSM does not do their job and we let these crooked politicians bully us!
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Hey, Boston: Leave Chick-fil-A Alone

allen [skip] Wrote: Jul 25, 2012 7:43 PM
I believe our founders fought a war to be able to have freedom and freedom of choice. Our founders would have probably tar and feathered this pis-s-ant mayor. Or how ever they treated the torries back then!
Yes Star I just felt them take another link out of my chain making it shorter and me more dependent on master!
Before you start throwing the blame on the government. Ask yourself where are the American people who use to would tell Washington to but out of their business and go full steam ahead. We have become a country of slaves thinking that Washington even has the power to stop us from protecting our own country. What is Washington going to do if the oil companies decided to drill for oil which belongs to all Americans anywhere oil or natural gas is found. Are they going to send the US military to stop them? As far as the courts are concerned the federal government bypasses our law when ever they do not agree with Washington`s goals. So why should we the people honor the laws put forth by our self serving government ;crooks]? Drill baby drill you!
Mike I have to disagree with you on who is the blame for the shape our educational system is in now. Do not blame the Teachers Unions Leadership. It is not the unions job to worry about the students, they are paid to get the best contract they can negotiate for their members not the students. Let`s lay the blame at the real problem creators feet, this would have to be at the feet of the unscrupulous politicians. The politicians caved into union demands because of the politicians own greed to hold their own jobs or move up the political ladder. So by the time it comes to pay the bill these politicians, are gone up the ladder or retired and not held accountable for their own greed.Things have to change but you have to throw out being PC.
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How Bill Gates Rips Off Babies

allen [skip] Wrote: May 07, 2012 9:55 AM
What did you expect from someone who stole most of his money making ideas?
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