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Western Leaders Keep Silent on Afghanistan Murders

Allen331 Wrote: Dec 28, 2012 1:53 PM
Malala Yousafzai didn’t get person of the year – she got forgotten. Sometimes Time Magazine can’t help but display their myopia. (They’re currently in a swoon over all things Obama.) Over here in Texas some trash named Yaser Said “honor” killed his own daughters for becoming a bit too westernized. This isn’t a “who-done-it” scenario. We know who Yaser Said is, yet can’t find him. How’s that possible? He obviously found refuge with other Islamists that didn’t seem to have a problem with what he did. Women don’t fare well in the Islamic world. They have to wear potato sacks or find out just how blunt the religion of peace is. Their perpetual bondage is noted.

Early in 2012, I opened a column with this question: "Is there a single public official who is examining -- who cares about -- the murder spree by Afghan security forces against Western troops and security contractors in Afghanistan?"

Nearly one year has passed, during which 62 Americans and other Westerners have been killed by Afghan forces "inside the wire." The president has yet to call for "meaningful change"; in fact, he has said nothing about it. The Congress has said nothing about it. During the presidential campaign, Mitt Romney said nothing about it. Such silence is a national disgrace, but it's...