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This Was Going to Be an Awesome Column about the Debate (But the Altitude Kicked My Butt)

Allen331 Wrote: Oct 08, 2012 10:07 AM
Of course Barry got his rear end kicked. Many things testify to his dull mindset: (1) He won't release his school records. Hard to brag about his genius if his poor grade point average is exposed (2) He's been sheltered so much of his life that he embarrased himself with his pronunciation of "corpsman".

Last week I sent Mitt a note encouraging him not to morph into a McCain-like wuss during the debate. I think he got my email because he Buford Pussered Obama. It was embarrassing. The president looked defeated--head down, busted.

The greatest joy I had the night of the debate didn’t come from watching the erudite Mormon verbally skin the evasive Marxist for 90 minutes. No, it came after the debate as I watched the talking heads over on MSLSD melt down like the bad witch on the Wizard of Oz.

Good Lord, man. Maddow, Matthews, Sharpton and Schultz...

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