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Benghazi Talking Points Changed 12 Times

Allen331 Wrote: May 10, 2013 2:21 PM
So many examples support your statement. Candy Crowley playing fact checker with the usual incompetence that the other "fact checkers" perform. (Except this time she actually coordinated with Obama himself.) Dan Rather & Mary Mapes spent 5 years on their consumed effort to prove Bush was "AWOL". But with the 2004 election approaching, they sped up the process to help derail Bush's reelection. Too bad they did such a laughable smear job, as it got them fired. (Mapes, still wining, went on to write the ham-fisted "Truth & Duty", which never sold.) Remember how the press adored "Ambassador" Joe Wilson? He got the red carpet treatment for asking a few off-the-cuff questions in Niger. The blowhard idiot lied from day one. The press didn't care that he was working for the Kerry campaign & donated $2000 to his fund. They did care for his also ham-fisted book "The Politics of Truth". Lastly I remember when Andy Hiller asked Bush to name the leaders of four “hot spot” countries in the world. Bush got Taiwan (Hiller, himself, couldn’t name the pres of Mexico.) After the media eruption started to settle, most began to admit they’d maybe have gotten only two right. (Only one claimed he’d’ve gotten all four right . . . the compulsive liar Al Gore.)
True. But he, like Rosie O'Donnell, have trained, armed men protecting them who are not. (Guess i'd attack guns to if i had others to use them for me.) I have no such assets to protect me, so I'll be owning a Glock26 in the near future.
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America’s Most Feared Economist

Allen331 Wrote: May 02, 2013 2:02 AM
Any of these liberal fools ever cite a REAL discredited book like Gary Bellesiles' book "Arming America"? This book actually was more than discredited - it was a proven fraud. Mr Bellesiles had to return his Bancroft award and was quietly fired (kinda like Dan Rather) from Emory University. I'll be owning a Glock26 or Smith&Wesson M&P Shield to carry soon and annoy flaming liberals. (Ann's also written a rapier sharp article "Ruger is a girl's best friend")
Did that moron wuss finally do something right/conservative??? (If so, it's about time.) Shocking, since he inspires such devotion and loyalty . . . when he's not purging gifted tea party members from select committees.
Well said. That's his domestic front to stick it to America (while also bankrupting us with the stimulus/slush fund) His foreign front was to reduce our Mediterranean battle group to one ship. That's why we couldn't respond to Benghazi (and also that it was past his bed time. He had a fund-raiser in the morning)
You mean the budget he passed in the House? (skewered for going to slow, but at least an adult put it together.) The flaming liberal Senate however . . . well . . . how many years now that they've been negligent in proposing a budget?
Little Barry is so clueless that it must embarrass the hell outta him to have to submit a budget. Only question is how embarrassed he'll be? 99 to 0 defeat as before, or will a few Senators vote "yes" to help the little amateur save face?
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No Tears for Lynne Stewart

Allen331 Wrote: Apr 10, 2013 3:02 PM
This leftist trash should now reap the benefit of leftist Osamacare. As said by little Barry, she should just take some pain-killers rather than waste the state's resources on hopeless cancer treatment. Well, Lynne, now you will reap what clamored for . . . the recipient of a "death panel". (I regret that the love affair btwn you and our enemies must now end.) But not to worry about little Barry. He won't suffer under his Osamacare, Why you may ask? Because when Sen. Susan Collins introduced an amendment to place little Barry & his cabnet under that wonderful healthcare system . . . . it was rejected by Harry Reid. (I can't imagine why.)
Well liars use statistics and statistics lie. (Here we seem to have both in play.) You'll be overjoyed to know that over 700 Texas school teachers just enrolled in a pistol-packin CHL class. (In case that flew over your head, that means over 700 less chances of another crazy shootin up a school.)
They came here legally and home-school like some annoying Christian conservative rubes . . . all the moral attribute that Little Barry abhors. The irony is that they also have an "anchor" baby. (Guess flaming liberals are a bit selective in the application of their own arguments) In short, B. Hussein has thinly veiled contempt for this country and western culture in general, so anything he can do to "stick it to da man", he will.
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'Proportional' Response

Allen331 Wrote: Apr 09, 2013 12:17 PM
Little Barry's too timid / lazy to effectively deal with N. Korea. Perhaps Obama will justify the idiocy of proportional response by citing the sequester. (After all; we can't tour the White House or prosecute Osama relatives for "lack of funds")
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