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In answer to your emotional rant . . . No. Reagan did not place a wreath at a Nazi cemetery. He placed one at a Wermacht cemetery. There's a major-league difference. (Germany was on our side by that time, as half their country occupied by totalitarian USSR. It's not that hard a concept that Reagan would make an overture.)
Are you trying to be an idiot?? Once again, a flaming liberal is confusing the Tea Party with those Occupy trash. The differences between the two are striking, yet the MSM finds all the flaws committed by Occupy movements in the Tea Party events. (You'd recognize a Tea Party event - they end in a few hours and no hazmat teams have to clean up afterwards) As for Chick-fil-A; they did the right thing . . . just like B. Hussein did during his first term: They both opposed f@g-marriage. Liberals used to always claim to oppose it, but never really meant it But not to worry; it wasn't little Barry targeted for his "stand" against gay-marriage. It was the Family Research Council. (Luckily the flaming liberal was too incompetent to pull it off, as he only wounded a guard.)
Not a problem. McDonalds beat out Starbucks in a taste test. (I know. I know. It's Mickey Dee's coffee, but at least give it a try.)
Good advice, Doug Giles. I carry a Glock26. (ACORN got the egg off their face that O'Keefe and your daughter tossed in their faces yet?)
We all make slips of the tongue, so I don't cite B. Hussein's "57 States" gaff. (Although I don't mind after Dan Quyale was set up.) The No.1 Hawkins picked was, by far, the most brain-dead statement ever said. When the military officer heard that, he was taken aback in stunned silence. He had to compose himself to answer an idiot who just demonstrated a severely low I.Q. (Obviously we have the top example of how affirmative action fails society.)
Hugh kicked the livin heck outta that emotionally laden liberal. All Finney accomplished was to demonstrate her painful, willful ignorance. (Somebody send her a copy of the book "Venona". Maybe she'll get a clue.)
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