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White House to Welcome Rapper Who Wants U.S. Troops Tortured

Allen331 Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 4:26 PM
I see we have some professional trash come here to drop tons of fecal matter disguised as intellectual debate. Sarah's been smeared ad nausium since the liberal press air dropped into Alaska to dig dirt when she was first announced for VP. (You must be brimming over with pride with VP Biden, but no one else is.) Say what you will, er, I mean repeat the talking points about Palin, but she never had a sinecure position at a Chicago hospital (vacancy was not filled for a reason when Michelle left). Tea Party smeared in record breaking consistency. Everything they’ve been accused of the OWS has actually done and worse. (one example: Tea Partiers don't require riot police or hazmat team to clean up after them.)

If you don't listen to your local pop station or spend endless hours watching music videos on YouTube, then you probably have no idea what the "Gangnam Style" song is. Usually this wouldn't matter, but is important to know the artist behind the song known as "PSY" because he's headed to the White House later this month to perform. PSY's most recent song has become an international sensation with 900 million Youtube views (the most in history), complete with a "Gangnam style" dance that has been mimicked by millions, including Republican Alan Simpson. The problem? PSY once performed a...

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