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On Second Thought (and as a Second-Best Proposal), David Gregory Should Be Arrested and Prosecuted

Allen239 Wrote: Jan 05, 2013 2:49 AM
One of the ways to get rid of stupid laws such as making it a crime to possess a gun clip is to make sure a liberal like David Gregory gets arrested and prosecuted. The thing is liberals too often pass such stupid laws and then assume such laws do not apply to them. Imagine Mr. Gregory in court on the witness stand trying to convince a jury or a judge of why he is innocent. The odds are very good that this law will quickly disappear, while the media at NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN look the other way.
I’ve never watched Meet the Press, so I obviously didn’t see David Gregory’s pathetic attempt to play gotcha by unveiling a magazine while interviewing someone from the National Rifle Association.

And even when it was revealed that Gregory had broken D.C. law by possessing this supposedly dangerous object (basically a metal box with a spring), I didn’t care.

After all, gun control is a foolish policy (as even some leftists and foreigners are slowly beginning to realize). And surely cops have better things to do, after all, than arrest a callow journalist for something that...