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Historically, when the taxes get too high, the regulations too mean and the rule of law is in danger of being destroyed, the rich leave town or the country taking their wealth and their jobs with them. what happens next is that the economy falls, unemployment rises, inflation rises, freedoms are destoryed and everyone but the government leaders goes broke.
I think it should be pointed out that in the year 2000, the U.S. Supreme court's case "Boy Scouts of America V. Dale (99-699) 530 U.S. 640 (2000) that the Boy Scouts had the right to decide who could be a boy scout and who couldn't due to the scout's 1st Amendment rights of freedom of association. As a non-profit organization with a long history of a moral code called the Scout Oath, the scouts had the right to discriminate against persons who according to the Scout Oath were not morally upright such as homosexuals. The present Boy Scout leaders really need to have their lawyers read the details of the above court case before they decide to make changes in how the Boy Scouts will operate in the future.
In America, the states of California, Illinois and New York have been losing businesses and population to lower tax states such as Texas where there is no state income taxes, regulation on businesses are less, there are Right to Work laws and Tort reform laws have been passed.
A few years ago, the state of Maryland have over three thousand citizens that made more then one million in income. Then the state of Maryland passed a millionair's tax and a year later, there was twelve hundred fewer millionaires in Maryland and state taxes declined over one hundred and fifity million dollars. OOPS! Then what happen was the state government raised taxes on the Middle Class a lot to cover their excessive state spending.
Historically, when a government's leaders demonize the rich and make statements about how they are going to redistribute citizens' private wealth then what happens is such citizens leave the state or the nation to new places where the rule of law states personnel property rights will be protected. Of course, when the rich leave and shut down their businesses, their employees will lose their jobs, taxes will decline and the economy will get worse. Of course, Socialists like President Obama never learn from history and continue to repeat their mistakes of abusing the rich again and again. If the number of people who stopped looking for work were included in the current unemployment figures, the unemployment rate would be over 15%.
A further problem with this incident is that the police questioned and it appears threatened a minor while the minor's parent was not there. This a major no, no legal wise. His father Army Master Sgt. C.J. Grisham in the present of the cops told his son not to talk to the cops when his son was to be driven home by the cops. The statements by the son was that the cops wouldn't let him out of the car until he answered their questions.
A major problem these days for gun owners is that the media has demonized gun owners who openly carry their guns outside their homes. I have heard repeatedly that the local school will shut down when a citizen is seen carrying his gun near by. The police really need to develop a set of standards of how to talk to citizens who are openly carrying gun instead of over reacting. They should have stop him and asked to see his Conceal Carry permit and then state ok and sent him on his way. The fact that the cops reduced the charges means that they know they have screwed up. The best thing they should do cancel all the charges and explain they made a mistake. The longer this story is in the public domain the worse the cops will look.
One fact that never seems to investigated by the media is how often guns are used by citizens yearly to defend themselves from criminal acts. Rough estimates are between two and three million times.
Most Hollywood action movies these days are not considered to be entertaining unless at least forty people are killed dead by gun violence. Then Hollywood actors call for repeal of the Second Amendment and for guns to be banned. How about fewer killings on the movie screens?
A fast way to reduce gun violence in schools is to repeal "Senator Diane Feinstein's" law called the "1995 Gun-Free School Zones Act," that turned our schools into shooting zones by banning gun possession by school staff members who are Conceal Carry gun owners, off duty policemen and guards who are not licensed to carry guns. Killers such as the madman who killed 26 people at the Newtown, CT school, knew thanks to this law, there was no one in the school who were armed to stop him. Also, after the school staff called 911, it took the police over twenty minutes to get to the school.
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