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How Obama Earned My Doctorate

allen224 Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 2:21 PM
"As the result of my business venture I was able to graduate with a PhD without taking out a single student loan." 1) Mike already told us that he was receiving financial support from his parents up to this point and that his "business venture" was funded by a small inheritance he received. 2) Mike also noticeably DOES NOT say that he didn't receive any other sort of financial assistance aside from student loans (Pell grants, scholarships, etc). Being a teacher's assitant as he mentions he was is typically part of a work study financial aid package. So exactly how does Mike's story contradict Obama's statement that successful people have received help along the way?
Dear President Obama:

I’m still reeling from your recent remarks about small business owners in America. With one sweeping generalization, you stated that those of us who have had successful businesses did not earn that success. Instead, you insist that someone else made it happen for us. I’ve written to tell you my story in the hopes that you will see the foolishness of your unproven assertions.

Back in 1989, I decided to pursue a PhD in Criminology. I was nearing the end of my Master’s program in Psychology. I had a teaching assistantship that paid a...