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Left's Next Target: Ann Romney

Allen219 Wrote: Apr 03, 2012 4:24 PM
Did you ever stop and think that there might be a reason for the "attacks" on conservatives. Do you think that it might have something to do with the pathetically ignorant things they say and do? Did you ever stop and think that maybe conservatives have some responsibility for the attacks?

It looks as though team Obama isn't necessarily worried about Mitt Romney when it comes to President Obama's re-election, instead, they're worried about his better half, Ann Romney. Why? She's able to connect with voters on a personal level, something Mitt Romney has struggled to do. Ann Romney has the opportunity to showcase their family and to bring a sense of humor to the campaign trail. She has personal stories to share, whether it's beating breast cancer or living with MS in a positive way. People already know Romney the politician, he's been around for awhile, they want to see...