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Gallup: Americans Think Armed Police at Schools More Effective Than Assault Weapons Ban

Allen200 Wrote: Dec 22, 2012 8:23 AM
This discussion of armed people in schools is odd given that my children, youngest 33, experienced an armed protector in their high schools. That was 15 years ago. My boys still know the guy's name and speak of him with affection; he was well liked by all. I just assumed that having an armed, trained protector at schools was the norm; guess not, at least in the blue states. It is difficult not to believe that having a guy in school like my children had, deters gun violence and actually all violence.

A new Gallup poll shows the majority of Americans believe armed police stationed at schools would be the most effective way to prevent and stop school shootings. They also believe spending more money on the mental healthcare system would help prevent another Sandy Hook.

Americans are most likely to say that an increased police presence at schools, increased government spending on mental health screening and treatment, and decreased depiction of gun violence in entertainment venues would be effective in preventing mass shootings at schools. Americans rate the potential effectiveness of a ban on assault and semi-automatic guns...

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