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FLASHBACK: Paul Ryan Responds to Catholic Budget Controversy in Townhall Magazine

Allen200 Wrote: Aug 15, 2012 11:36 AM
Talk about a distortion of Christianity! Jesus spoke of personal responsibility, certainly not how one should push one's moral responsibilities onto government and those that are forced through taxes to pay the government. If I read your post at face value; if I vote for Obama and Obama taxes and spends on the poor, I will be saved? Sheesh…

Editor's note: In light of Rep. Paul Ryan's new role on the GOP White House ticket, we wanted to re-run an exclusive interview with Paul Ryan that appeared in the June installment of Townhall Magazine on what's become a hot topic in this race: his budget.

Rep. Paul Ryan, a Catholic, has taken heat from various members of the Catholic Church on his proposed budget. He answers those critics here in an exclusive interview with S.E. Cupp
for the June issue of...