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Or as a brilliant writer said: It's like playing chess with a chicken.
I love United Health Care, and it has gone up because of mandated coverage. I suspect in the not too distant future, I will be pushed into single payer and my premiums and regulations will go up and coverage go down. THAT is Obama Care.
That pretty much sums it up...
What and why are the American people paying to advertise this debacle?
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'Six Californias' Instead of One?

Allen200 Wrote: Mar 10, 2014 12:01 PM
I have spent a lot of time in California and even 75 miles from SF and Sac the people think government is crazy. I think most people would be surprised how much of California is conservative. I would never support six states though; Three max.
I have found that if I get really, I mean really drunk, Chris Mathews becomes funny. I guess you have to experience his alternative dimension to understand how hilarious he can be. I have often wondered what planet he came from...
We get it George, you have a talking point. Only one but you do have one.
If this poll was taken across Texas, she would barely register as a challenger. She is from the liberal bastion of Texas and she can barely hang on there. I actually like what is happening here because Democrats are going to spend a ton of $ on a loser; unless as with the last presidential election, conservatives stay home, then I guess Texas will get what the deserve.
Just like Charlie Christ in Florida, she will say and do whatever it takes to stay relevant in politics. Her first question should always be: What exactly do you want to hear?
You rely on half the story: Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Nigeria, Angola, and Iraq all contribute to the US oil supply. America also imports sizable amounts of oil from Kuwait, Venezuela, Equatorial Guinea, and Algeria. True America produces 40% of the worlds oil, Canada, Norway and Mexico also contribute, but why would you argue that even though we do still buy sizable amounts from the above mentioned questionable countries we are not contributing to "stated" enemies of the US? And if we become the largest supplier by next year why would you not want a way to transport it in a responsible way? And why in the world would I be stupid to want to create jobs here in the US and to decrease further the amount of oil we do depend on from countries that hate us?
Something so obvious and so logical for the betterment of both countries. And we spend millions and millions of our wealth to fight it. If any one thing shows how stupid our leadership and progressivism is; this is it. That oil WILL GO somewhere and that somewhere will not be concerned at all about the environment. Meanwhile we will keep shoring up our enemies buying their oil. I wish there were a more forceful word than "stupid" but no word does justice to this idiocy.
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