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I found your post interesting because I have heard this before. I have been scouring Israeli news sources for some time now and find no evidence of your view. I also find it interesting the Mideast is now starting to show some semblance of support for Israel against Iran; Egypt and Saudi Arabia for instance. To take an article out of the "The Atlantic" is a bit narrow because it is considered pretty "one sided" by many. However, I think you are right about effecting US/Israel support is correct, but I see no evidence that this is a bad thing. Boehner is breaking protocol; seriously? Barack Obama opened that door very wide in the last six years.
After living through 68 years of research that predicts disaster is about to occur, about every five years or so, pardon me if I think this is BS. Science and those that pretend to know science seeking government money have been background noise since I was a kid; and still, here we are. DDT, nuclear bombs, ozone, cold, heat, alar, eggs, milk, red food color, bird flu, sugar, earthquakes, drought, oil spills, asteroids, cyclamate, acid rain, hanta virus; too many to mention. Give it a rest already...
The fundamental problem seems to be most politicians cannot even relate to the "middle class". They are brought up in a high income environment and have no concept of keeping the car running, paying the bills on time, deciding if a vacation can be budgeted or the struggle to get your children in college. George Herbert "Bert" Walker (1875–1953) great grandfather to Jeb, was banker and financier and the money has flowed downhill since. I doubt he understands the middle class.
The 15% are the desk jockeys at the pentagon...
OK Senator Hatch, what is the end goal? It has been a mystery to me for a long time; way too long! You really need to retire with your millions.
Yup it was a joke, and the joke is on you!
So she was victim of a layoff...er downsizing. First no one dismisses competent employees during a layoff. Second successful privately held family companies never get rid of competent family members; usually they re-assign them to positions where they are a "better fit". Typically you have to be really, really bad to lose a job in a family owned business when you are family. Also it is telling that she ends up in Government, which seems to attract all the losers that cannot make it in the private sector; there are so many examples on both sides of the isle it cannot be denied.
Pretty obvious what is happening here. Support the Independent and low information middle of the road to left Republican (that watch a lot of TV) will vote for that candidate and kill the chances the middle of the road to right leaning Republican, therefore putting a Democrat in the Senate.
hit the nail squarely on the head!
Climate change was not vague enough as the climate has always changed; at least for the last four billions years. Climate disruption means whatever they want it to mean because the climate is always changing.
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