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OK Senator Hatch, what is the end goal? It has been a mystery to me for a long time; way too long! You really need to retire with your millions.
Yup it was a joke, and the joke is on you!
So she was victim of a layoff...er downsizing. First no one dismisses competent employees during a layoff. Second successful privately held family companies never get rid of competent family members; usually they re-assign them to positions where they are a "better fit". Typically you have to be really, really bad to lose a job in a family owned business when you are family. Also it is telling that she ends up in Government, which seems to attract all the losers that cannot make it in the private sector; there are so many examples on both sides of the isle it cannot be denied.
Pretty obvious what is happening here. Support the Independent and low information middle of the road to left Republican (that watch a lot of TV) will vote for that candidate and kill the chances the middle of the road to right leaning Republican, therefore putting a Democrat in the Senate.
hit the nail squarely on the head!
Climate change was not vague enough as the climate has always changed; at least for the last four billions years. Climate disruption means whatever they want it to mean because the climate is always changing.
A bunch of lemmings going off a cliff...
Drug users: We get what we want; the right to get blasted and stay there. Illegal immigrants: We get what we want; free school, free lunches, free medical. Big Business: We get what we want; cheap labor. Investors: We get what we want; money from big business using cheap labor. Corner pushers: We get what we want; bling, nice wheels and respect(?) Mexican Politicians: We get what we want; money from the Cartels. Drug Cartels: We get what we want; $$$$ and power. Colorado Progressives: We get what want; cheap weed Barack Obama: Valarie, Eric and I get what they want; the destruction of America. Everyone seems to be getting what they want, except the law abiding American Citizen; greedy ba*@&#%*!
Our "Commander-in-Chief has no inclination to provide for the safety of the United States citizen. He is too busy flying around the country blaming everyone else for his total incompetence.
The arrogance of your post and progressives in general blow my mind; do you really believe American workers are more innovative and productive than the rest of the world? I have worked all over the world and know for a fact businesses and employees in India, China, Ireland and others are very motivated and innovative. You then have the audacity to suggest companies moving from the US not be able to sell their products in the US. It is this kind of twisted condescending thinking that will make the United States just another "banana republic".
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