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Actually, when you automatically grant people credibility because of their title, that is about your character, not mine.
You are discounting their millions of muslims?
Two instances of those particular 30 plus citations were valid stops. The rest were not. It happened after I challenged another of their brothers in court. Up until then he did not know where I moved to. But after he pulled me over for a false charge of failure to stop at a stop sign, he then knew where I lived, its on my driver's license. That was when I started getting pulled over for anything and everything. Excessive use of a blinker because I turned it on and off for each lane of travel I crossed into for instance. over half a dozen speeding tickets where I was deliberately driving ten miles per hour under the posted speed limit because I had already figured out that they were gunning for me by then. Several running red lights, where I was actually behind other vehicles stopped at the red light. Failure to yield because I did not slow down to some arbitrary speed to turn at a yield sign. Failure to use my blinker when I in fact had used my blinker. I bet you are asking yourself or planning to challenge my false failure to stop i challenged in court? I had my girlfriend with me and I stopped at the stop sign long enough to pull a map out and look it over before proceeding. Small towns of a thousand people do not have much traffic. I had forgotten which road I was going to have to turn onto to take her to see one of area's favorite parks after taking her to my grandmother's house.
Do the police have anything to lose when they are wrong? Fair is fair. Only in cases where it can be proven to be a deliberate false accusation should the loser pay. (Frivolous does not seem the right word). "He beat me with his night stick and tasered me multiple times", Video shows no such events for instance. I think it should work both ways. I do not like criminals any more than I like corrupt cops. They are both criminals in my view.
ben496, and that there is the attitude that makes certain the police will continue to become more and more corrupt. I hope you end up on the bad end of a police harassment in your near future. It can happen to anyone. You will find very quickly that there are all to many people exactly like you who takes a police officers word as if it were coming from God himself and nothing you can do to stop the destruction in your life.
Too many cases they are not. You can call it a few if you want. But on average, the ones I have come into contact with, it is closer to half the police, that neglects the idea of the thin blue line which in effect means nearly 100% are dishonorable. You cannot look the other way while someone does evil and call yourself honorable.
When it comes to police, corruption + "conservative" go together.
Police should be charged through a separate prosecutor. The District Attorney relies on police to get convictions. Their testimony is frequently the primary evidence used to put people behind bars and is almost exclusively the only evidence for civil fines. To have a police officer found to be wanting on credibility ends up placing every arrest and every conviction that used their testimony in question. This is a huge burden against a prosecutor who will then likely have many people coming forward demanding retrials and exoneration. Shouldn't that be considered a large enough conflict of interest to require a separate prosecutor? I would say so. As for police review boards, these should be made up of elected by the people individuals. Not political appointees or worse yet, internal affairs hacks. For the thin blue line, these protestors are correct. Any officer who knows about corruption in the ranks and is found out to have covered for the corrupt cops should be charged as a conspirator/accomplice. Their job is to enforce the law. Abolishing police unions would go a long way in correcting some of this as well. No other place do conservatives argue that it is OK for public "servants" to be unionized. I say all of this as a victim of police corruption. Between false accusations of moving violations (over 30 in a 3 month period of time) to having a police officer threaten to arrest me for following a person who hit and ran because the hit and run guy was a "friend of the cops". To police who changed accident reports in order to benefit women they must have been attracted to and one who spoke his native language and they flirted thinking the gringo could not comprehend Spanish! Police should be honorable. They are anything but in all too many cases.
If we ever come to war, the Police by and large are going to be on the side of the heavy handed government and working towards something closer to Stalinist Russia or fascist Germany as the end result. As for the rest, sure. But the police are not going to benefit freedom if it comes to a war in America. They are a leftist organization that loves power over citizens above all else.
How did the United States of America get founded?
Nothing gets passed unless it goes through the house. We have the house. So who cares?
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