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Hmmm, interesting. The police deliberately target someone for many encounters with police because his family used to tease him and that there is a charge against my character. Not against the character of the police. I think there is a disconnect here. You start with the basis that cops are all angels. So when a cop does something bad, that means he really did nothing bad, but the person he did something bad to is wrong. This emboldens cops to do more bad things, as there is no consequence. Then because the cops did all these bad things to people, the fact that these people were targeted means they are bad, the cops are still perfect. I do not automatically consider all cops actions bad. You on the other hand automatically say they are good. I look at the actual events and determine which way it goes. You look at the actors and determine which way you go. I think you have the problem. Go read what I wrote. Maybe someone even like you will find out where your flaw in this argument is.
99%, that you would have to prove. My statement of half was specifically stated that my encounters with police indicate half are corrupt. But your statement is that 99% of the time the system effectively sanctions cops bad behavior. Funny ever instance of bad police behavior I witnessed ended with no punishment for the police.
Responding to the original post above about cops being brought to court by civilians in an impartial court. If citizens file false charges deliberately, then they should pay the lawyers fees. But not because they simply lose the case. Only if the charge is known to be false and thus more of a harassment than a legitimate filing. That way you prevent false charges against the cops, but still protect those who have legitimate cases. Not all legitimate cases are going to be won. Then they said if the charges are false, then the accuser should go to jail, not pay the layer fees. Remember, this is for cases where citizens bring charges against cops. Well, if that is how it is going to be, then the flip side of that is that if cops bring charges against a citizen which turn out to not be found guilty, should he not then face the same?
I tend to look at more than the outrage of the day when I look at things. The police acted out with evil against me and paid no price. Only I suffered for their illegal immoral behavior. Then there is the Dead Marine in Arizona where the police got off free of charges. Civil Forfeiture which is fully enacted against citizens by police. Smoke grenade into a baby crib. This list is long, and yes cops do good things. Those are not discounted by naming the evil they do or by charging and punishing the cops who do bad things. In fact, it does the good cops injustice by making certain that good cops are tied directly to the bad and dirty cops, by the thin blue line and the fact that they remain cops. There is a joke where a guy goes through a whole list of his life's accomplishments and declares for each one of them that he is not titled by his accomplishment, but if you get caught in a field with a goat once, your name is goat ...er for life. It does not matter how much good you do, your crimes cannot be ignored simply because you did something good in your life.
Yes, they should be charged. What will the charges be? Filing a false police report. Unless they continued the false charges under oath that is, then there is a higher punishment.
Interesting you say that... Is that not how I see the police abusing their power? If they deliberately file false claims, they are punished by paying for the lawyers. Now then, now that you make it that way, then a police officer who wrongly accuses a citizen should serve the time that the citizen would have served if his accusation stood up in a court of law. Sound fair?
HAH HAH HAH HAH. In a better world that is how it would be. People loaned power from the people who abuse that power should rightly be seriously sanctioned for those actions. Cops should see their jobs as being loaned a very large amount of power from the people. But the power comes from the people. Instead, government has morphed into one where people are allowed freedom at discretion of the police.
I actually think they should be held accountable. I do not believe that evil should be tolerated on either side. Protestors who use the protests to enrich themselves by looting are not protestors. They are thieves.
A few bad apples. But the fact that they are effectively beyond correction means the institution is corrupt. And when other cops cover for the few bad apples, that shows they have no honor.
Actually, when you automatically grant people credibility because of their title, that is about your character, not mine.
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