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Nothing gets passed unless it goes through the house. We have the house. So who cares?
This is what this election is about. Do we want two progressive parties where the Democrats are happy to be as far left as they like and the Republicans just simply move one step to the right of the Democrat closest to them? If that is the nation you want to live in, then please, by all means, just give your vote to any Progressive (R) on the ballot you got in front of you. If on the other hand, you want to live in a nation where the Democrats actually have fear of showing themselves to be as far left as Obama and company have. Where the Republicans actually are different and offer you a choice, then look hard at the ballot in front of you, look at the names on that ballot. Go out and look up the policy positions that that person (R) holds and see if they align with you. If they do not align with you on key items, then you leave that line blank and move on to the next line. But you do not stop there. You then call up that politician or politicians you could not vote for and you tell them why and you make them change their policy positions. If they will not change their policy position to being conservative, then they will not represent you in office. Let them go and work hard to get someone to the general next election cycle who will represent you. But if you continue to reward politicians who are progressive (R), then you have no one to blame for the progressive government you have but yourself. If you are worried about Reid? having a republican Senate means that the Republicans will be forced to produce something, and having Obama in office means it will be progressive. If you are worried about the Supreme Court just remember that republicans pretty much never block anyone who is qualified for the position, regardless of how partisan they are. As long as they have the right degrees and past jobs and do not have any serious skeletons in their closets, they are going to get through even if we had 70 republican senators..
What we need in this nation is a set rate tax. There are x adults in the nation. They voted for politicians who want to spend y dollars this year. Each adult owes y/x dollars in taxes. Right now, at current government spending, about $15,000.
Piketty's policy prescriptions may help fight inequality, but they'd absolutely decimate economic growth. Actually, it would not help fight inequality. All it would do is limit mobility even further than it already is. It would also cause a much larger amount of money to go from the rich to the politicians in order to buy more and more carve outs. I mean, seriously, do you think someone investing in wind farms or solar plants is going to get raped at 80%? LOL, HAH HAH HAH, they will pay much lower taxes, get better write offs and get cash straight from the government...
Cops responsible for the other 60%
Anyone, this includes Walker, who advocates or agrees that it is a good idea to legalize law breakers and give them the eventual vote cannot be conservative. The Illegal Aliens in this nation are not natural conservatives or even natural Republicans for that matter, they were raised in regressive lands and brought those regressive policies with them. Legalizing the illegal alien population would have the effect of putting national elections out of reach of Conservatives for several generations at the very least. You cannot add 10 to 20 million net new democratic votes and expect to serve conservatism.
I would not go for forever. But it will require quite the proof that he has changed his views on amnesty.
Another reason not to vote for the guy in 2016 if he comes looking for votes to be President. The States is nearly $16 billion in official debt and another $29 billion short on their pension plans and instead of paying down the debt he is working to buy votes with the extra money rather than paying down the debt and lowering the burden that the current generation is leaving to the next generation. What a puke!
A questionnaire that people can lie on will be the basis on which you decide to do testing? Brilliant! The next thing you know the government will not verify lack of income for the people unless a questionnaire indicates they might be making more.
I'll back Newt if he is the most conservative person that can Win. I think Perry was that man in 2012 and Newt was Second. Obviously, I would prefer Palin to run, or some other governor with as much conservative credibility.
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