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I agree I agree - we all agree - good comment - THANK YOU!
I agree ----get lost stupid troll.
Repugna you are truly repulsive. Get a life.
I would tag this as offensive; however, I think perhaps you are too much of an idiot to know what offensive means,
Give Trumpka a break. He's too smart to accept a position in Slumbama's administration.
Of course not, nothing is Obama's fault. He thinks he's perfect.
Mitt Romney can do it all. Elect Mitt Romney for President and get rid of that devil who thinks he's president.
You are so wrong - there are many who question Obama's place of birth. Many who question his entire life, Romney is an open book. Obama is the invisible man. Your comments are similarly dismissed.
We're not discussing Bush. He's not running for president. The point is the race is between a left wind dope head and a right wing man of distinction.
Don't be so darn ignorant. When Obummer releases all his documents perhaps Romney will release more tax returns. Romney is NOT hiding a darn thing. He has too many ethics and is to moral to keep secrets. What's you problem?
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