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The GOP -- Not a Club For Christians

Allan60 Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 12:25 PM
What are the values of the GOP? I'm not trying to be a troll here, but maybe if you could try explaining them to someone who is not from a Christian background you'd see the point being made here. Is there room for such a person in the GOP you envision?
seankraft Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 1:15 PM
I don't give the Democratic party any credibility, at all.
seankraft Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 1:12 PM
There's plenty of room in the Arctic. Why should someone join the GOP or any group for that matter, if it doesn't represent them? Whatever color, or faith, or lack of faith, a person can simply find a party that does represent them.
Allan60 Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 1:08 PM
I understand that you think the Republican party has major issues, and I don't disagree with you. Unfortunately for someone who believes in individual liberty and smaller less intrusive government the Democrat party has major issues as well.
seankraft Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 1:05 PM
I envision the GOP collapsing from its own stupidity, having been led by this type of Goldberg thinking for so long that it doesn't even represent its base, let alone a plurality. Christians and the middle class have all been called "fringe" by GOP leaders. The GOP platform should now have only one plank; Not the Democrats.
Caveat emptor Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 12:31 PM
You know the theory. It was expressed earlier today. There is plenty of room for non Christians, non whites, women and even gays in the GOP.

There is simply no room for them to express their hopes, desires and values.

It's just like the argument that gays have every right to marry members of the opposite sex that strates do and that their for conservatives don't discriminate.

In the scramble to make the GOP more diverse, a lot of people are looking at Asian Americans, whom many believe are a natural constituency for the party. I would love it if Asian Americans converted en masse to the Republican Party, but the challenge for Republicans is harder than many appreciate.

President Obama did spectacularly well with Asian Americans, garnering nearly three-quarters of their vote. This runs counter to a lot of conventional wisdom on both the left and the right. On average, Asian American family income is higher and poverty is lower than it is for non-Latino whites....