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GR8, Obama Is Texting Me

Allan41 Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 12:05 PM
I sure hope the authorities investigate you !!! You are worse than any politician !
kbright Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 1:10 PM
Obama illegally gave himself "assassination powers" which is TREASON, MURDER, and ILLEGAL under our legitimate government. Yet, not one federal law enforcement did their Duty, Keep their Oath and arrest him for prosecution. No One in the other two branches who were given constitutional means to stop this kind of thing did nothing either.
That means that when we get them all arrested and waiting for prosecution we will have at least 540 or so immediate job opening for those willing to keep their Oaths, plus a few hundred more in "federal law enforcement agencies" who are assisting in the destruction of the USA's legitimate government.
Why did you not say something about that?

President Obama is mass-texting me although I never opted into his texts. I feel like he controls my phone remotely. So, I’m texting him back: HEY PREZ, WILL U PLS STOP TXTING ME?! AND WHILE UR AT IT, STOP SPYING ON ME W/ DRONES. I’D LIKE SOME PRIVACY. THX!

Friday, July 6 was the day many Americans were on an extended 4th of July vacation and paying more attention to barbecuing and lighting fireworks than the news. Obama seized the day to bypass Congress and release an executive order whereby he effectively gave himself control over the infrastructure that supports your...