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Bad News is No News

Allan41 Wrote: Jul 11, 2012 8:21 AM
Simple question for you. Have you ever been hired by a poor person ? The current administration is making everyone broke. Is that Ok to you in the name of equality ? Punish one group (actually groups, middle class and rich) and make them as poor as the lowest common denominator ? Obviously you have never owned mush less tried to run a real business...

Last Friday's top-line unemployment figures - showing only 80,000 jobs were created during the month and the unemployment rate remaining unchanged at 8.2 percent - was far worse than anyone in the Obama campaign or in the political shop at the White House could have expected.

One reporter traveling with President Obama in Ohio Tweeted that he had spoken for 40 minutes with only about 26 seconds on the job number.

To which I responded: "Bad news is no news."

But, in Presidential politics there is no such things as "no news." And the news for the Obama...