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Big Lies from the Ruling Class

Allan12 Wrote: Aug 16, 2013 1:43 PM
Maybe goldilocks is being sarcastic. One never knows on most blog posts...
Another thought regarding the first (1960-2012) chart. IF everyone who wanted to work in America experienced the average weekly hours shown on that chart, it would be GREAT. A small reduction (39 to 33.5 hours per week) over the last 42 years would be representative of an improving productivity, giving working people more leisure time. HOWEVER, hidden in those statistics averages is the fact that some people work 60+ hours per week and many people work 0 hours per week. Thus, some people are overloaded and burned out from work while many have no work income. An "average" reduction in hours is more representative of an increasing number of people losing jobs and going from full time to part time than it is a "minor" loss of hours for everyone. Like all goods, there is no shortage of work, rather an inability to effectively distribute work.
Actually Marie150, I think the elites have done a pretty effective and complete job of GETTING the power back...I think to a very great extent "We the people" are but pawns on a chess board today. Soapbox,ballot box and ammo box - the 3 big boxes of American Liberty. I think we might have to use that 3rd one sooner than most think.
What is scary is that if this guy were NOT on food stamps, instead of productively working he would probably be stealing what he wanted directly from a few individuals. Instead he is content not working and not having much using public assistance (stealing a little bit from all of us). So food stamps become a public sponsored insurance policy against private theft. If we did not have these programs, we would probably ALL need to live in gated communities with hired security, bars on our windows and all of us carrying guns. The cost of this "insurance" though IS getting more expensive every year...
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Intellectuals and Race: Part IV

Allan12 Wrote: Mar 15, 2013 2:23 PM
Actually many blacks have done very well without public assistance, simply by exploiting their God-given talents in the free market. People such as Tiger Woods and about half of all professional sports people in basketball, football and baseball come to mind. It seems to me, when black people are allowed to use their ability in the open free market, they do quite well on their own. It is when government interferes with aid, assuming these people need some help, that the problems with individual advancement begin and perpetuate.
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St Michael the Archangel Versus Al Gore

Allan12 Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 3:26 PM
I watched an interesting video that showed many of the motions of the earth. It turns on its axis every 24 hours, it revolves around the sun about every 365 days. Then it showed several other earth motions that have much longer cycles, such as the cycling of the earth's exis every 100,000 years from plus to minus 23 degrees and the ellipital shape (not circular) of the earth's path around the sun and the fact that the earth's path around the sun does not retrace itself exactly. All of these various motions affect our postion relative to the sun and are what cause the daily, yearly and longer term temperature and weather fluctuations. But then good science should never interfere with good political theory and agenda.
James92 - It will end in revolution. When I do not know. But given the exponential nature of the growth of interest over time, i.e. the exponential growth curve of the ruling elite, time might be short.
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Investing In a World of Make Believe

Allan12 Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 2:44 PM
Our economy has been a game of musical chairs since the inception of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913. The Fed creates money out of thin air and the member banks get to multiply the money supply by 9 times what they hold in "reserve" with that multiplier repeating with each subsequent loan and deposit. The interest on loans ensures people need to keep working and the Fed's continuing to supply the system with new easy (loan) money keeps the music going, while the chairs are slowly taken away (via interest). The longer this goes on, the fewer people who will find a chair when the music finally stops (no one willing to purchase the debt). This is starting to to get rather scary.
God provided man with a free will. If the almighty God is willing to allow man the freedom to disobey God's dictates, then who are we as people to dictate how other people choose to live their lives? Can any of you imagine how enraged you would be if China or Russia or even an avowed friend, like Canada, were to station a large number of their military troops on our United States soil in order to ensure our compliance with their wishes of how we should live in the United States? Yet that is exactly what we do in 100s of nations throughout the world. Then we wonder why they hate us? Really???
Seems to me that Ron Paul's answer to not get into entangling alliances with other nations, get our troops out of foreign bases and openly trade with all other nations might be the best policiy after all. Trying to police the world only gets other nations mad at us and leads us ever quicker to national bankruptcy. To try to force our will onto other nations, simply because we can is not in our best interest. Should we gather intelligence - YES. Should we spend enough money to ensure we always have the best military capability (troop training and technology) - by all means, YES. But should that or for other reasons mean we should station troops in other nations or force them to behave in ways we dictate - NO.
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