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joQQeb you make some good points here however it appears you did not read the post b/4 you posted as I have to guess at some of what you wrote in the opening paragraph does not make sense "treatment od of Israel" ?? may I have amother??
the Obama administration would never grant her press credentials can not have somebody there that does toe the administration line and even if she did they would simply ignore her during press briefings
lot of talk about impeachment think the time has come for more serious actions a military coup an impeachment would only at best remove Pres Obama and at worst drag on forever and leave his cronies still in charge. a coup would remove the pres and all his subordinates from power and basically clean house.
if this was an article about Sarah palin or somebody from the gop doing the same thing it would be front page news all over the country
he won't Pres Obama will make sure of that
I read someplace she was working with drs. w/out borders to help refugees there but do not know why that org. would let her work in a place like that where women are treated like they are. also read that she may have been sympathetic to islamic cause.
lot of people have called for his impeachment I do not think that is the answer as it would not solve much and be a long cumbersome process. I think maybe we need to seriously consider a military coup remove Pres Obama and members of his administration from office by force and let the military run the country until the next election. sure it would not take long for the military to put isis out of business in a hurry according to one person would take about 300 good marines to do it. suspect a few skirmishes and isis would be on the run as fast as they can travel.
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Auschwitz Liberated 70 Years Ago Today

ALLA1 Wrote: Jan 29, 2015 12:06 AM
what is tragic about this is that the Allies knew about this and other sites but did not lift a finger to help,unfortunately this is still occurring in the world how many massacres have occurred since then with world basically ignoring it (cambodia, rwanda, nigeria ,the middle east today etc.)with little if anything being done about it.
good question!!!
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Democrats Turn The Page On Obama Presidency

ALLA1 Wrote: Jan 23, 2015 2:23 AM
do not forget about some of the latest rumours going around bill might not be Chelsea's father and bill might be involved with a sex slave
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