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Right and Left Unleash Furor Over Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Show but Conservatives Take the Cake

AliveInHim Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 2:53 PM
Well color my hair blue and call me an old fogey. I saw nothing in Beyonce's 'performance' that was even intelligible, much less unforgettable. Pray tell why a national football championship game should host an 'entertainer' more in line with catering to adolescent hormones than in promoting genuine artistry? I'm no fan of country music, but perhaps a performance by one of the real greats would have been far more appropriate for what is arguably a family venue than what was presented this year. I also would have been able to understand the words.

Reaction from nut jobs on the right and the left to Beyoncé’s Super Bowl 2013 performance has been beyond comprehension. There’s a problem in America when everyone from PETA to Laura Ingraham have displayed their jealousy of the singer by attacking her.

Sunday night Twitter largely was ablaze with praise for her performance, including myself. A sexy, leather clad Beyoncé, who reunited with Destiny’s Child, turned out a phenomenal performance and critics agreed it was one of the best half time shows ever! This was reinforced by the fact the Super Bowl 2013 drew the third largest number of viewers...