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Do you think Baccalaureate ceremonies should be banned?
And under the First, they'd have that right. Next.
Yet the House held worship services every Sunday. Did you know that? The First Amendment ensures there will be no tax supported, official State church such as exists in England and Germany. Government is to leave the churches alone-and individuals have every right to be open about their faith no matter where they might be sitting, standing or leaning. 'Public' means ALL the people, Christians included.
Yes they do. The children can either ignore it or approve it, just as they do a boring science or history lecture.
Yet something tells me you have no problem with Planned Parenthood's going into the schools and proselytizing children into the libertine lifestyle. Indulging your belly is just as much a religion as is indulging Christianity, Buddhism, or atheism.
The First Amendment protects ALL religion and ensures that Government is intended to be neutral toward all. The atheists, we note, are pushing to have their very own chaplains in the military. Fine. Under the First, they're entitled. Just as a coach and his team are ENTITLED, under the First, to have a public prayer in which nobody is compelled to participate. Next.
Keep your hangups to yourself, you perverted prog.
It's certainly a sickening parody of the real Benediction.
And which branch of Government is forcing you to attend church, read a Bible or other religious book, or pray? THAT is the question, and if you cannot or will not answer it, then you have no argument. Once again, PUBLIC facilities which are by definition paid for by We the People, are OPEN for any and all to use. Including Christians.
Whatever it takes...
And as long as it isn't CONGRESS forcing you to attend church, read a Bible or pray to Allah then you ain't got no gripe! PUBLIC means ALL the people, not just those with whom you agree!
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