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Obama Campaign’s Sexist Ads are Setting Women Back

AliveInHim Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 6:34 PM
Duh, It isn't and never would be conservative anyone making women out to be b00bs and vaginas, per the perverts parading around at the Democrat Nat'l Convention. Show us SB (number), HR (number) that will magically remove anyone's option to buy contraceptives or obtain the necessary help in murdering unborn children. Then, read Griswold v Connecticut, Roe v Wade, Doe v Bolton, and the SCOTUS decision to NOT overturn Roe and Doe. Thanks for playing, you hysterical, sex-obsessed moron!
The Obama campaign released its creepiest ad yet featuring HBO actress Lena Dunham who likens her first time voting for Obama to losing her virginity. My initial reaction to the disgusting ad was disbelief. Surely, I thought, the provocative 26-year-old actress filmed this video on her own without consulting the official campaign. No way that this kind of juvenility was approved by the campaign staff of the sitting president. They couldn’t have sunk this low.

Oh, but I was wrong. Dunham’s Your First Time ad was posted on the official Obama for America YouTube channel. Obama donors paid...