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"Binders Full Of Women": The Dumbest Campaign Controversy Since Big Bird

alieber Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 5:57 PM
It figures that they would try to make some political hay out of something that was said in passing because they cannot come up with anything substantive. Obama has no agenda it is more of the same and if you like higher taxes and high unemployment and little to no growth on your savings then go vote for Obamadung. To me I wish I had a job, and I wish that my savings was growing as well as it was in the 70s, which was at 7 percent for a money market, 1.5 percent you lose tons of money in your 401K
If you went to some liberal-leaning news outlets to find post-debate analysis from the second presidential debate, you would think Governor Romney’s “binders full of women” comment was the most important moment of the night.

Liberal news outlets were quick to pounce on Governor’s Romney’s answer to debate audience member Katharine Fenton’s question on gender pay inequality. Now, these left-leaning sites are discussing the governor’s somewhat awkward answer and devoting it as front-page worthy news, taking up space they could use to discuss more important substance from the debate such as the two candidates plans for the economy.