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The True American Achilles Heel

Alice153 Wrote: Apr 18, 2012 9:38 AM
Liberals say equality and mean communism. Take from earners, except rich liberals, and give to non-earners so that everyone can be equal. The only place we have not succombed to this philosophy is in professional sports, except in the managerial fields. You cannot convince a runner to hobble himself so that his opponent has an equal chance to win But, that is what liberalism requires in the economic field. Try getting college A-students to share their grade with non-performers. It ain't happening because, they say, that is different.

Once again I think market watchers missed the most important news of the day yesterday, because it's the most important news of the millennium and the true American Achilles heel. The Empire State Report was chocked with a lot of useful data on prices, employment and demand.

The supplemental report is what shocked and disappointed me most. The headline was ominous: Firms Cite Increased Difficulty Finding Workers with Math and Computer Skills.

It's really amazing there could be this much trouble finding competent workers. Showing up for work on time and being reliable were things in past generations that were...