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Since I'm not about to bend over for the obama gang I'm sure as hell not going to bend over for the French or the gays or any other group on twitter, facebook or any where else. It's time these people learned that their rights stop where someone elses rights start. They are not happy whith what they have, they want to take what every one else has too, no matter how little that is.
You'll hear from me. I've been thinking the same thing, and for that matter, considering how careful the maintenance on oil drilling rigs is has any one stopped to wonder why that gulf oil rig exploded? I've never heard of one going up for no reason. Have you. And what happened to the al qaeda defector who came forward just be fore the election with a handful of their papers. The only one he talked about was the one that supposedly had proof that obama signed off on putting one of their men in charge of the security in Benghazi? obama's gang has played a lot of dirty tricks, they wouldn't care if a school full of kids got killed and we all know it.
You know obama isn't president yet, Not until the senate votes (the electioral collage) in mid Dec.. They need a 2/3 of the states there for the vote to elect him. If just 17 states don't vote the Constitution says the House picks the president. So if you want to get rid of obama GET BUSY. Start emailing, faxing & phoneing your state goverments. You can do this. There isn't much time left.
Any scientest can tell you that the temp has risen on all the planets in our solar system. It is caused by an increase in sun spot activity, which is leaveling off now and will start to decrese all to soon. Then the planets will cool a few degrese. I know there are no cows farting on Mars or fuel emitions So All Gore and his buddies ,who bought up all the green gadget pattens they could and then started yelling about climate chang can just shut the H@## up. They have made enough money off this false cause. Sun spots go in cycles. And even though obama thinks he is God, he is not and cant control the weather or the sun. Alice sorry about my spelling. It goes from bad to worse when I get worked up.
I'll be glad when someone with common sense gets rid of all this political correctness! Until then I'll keep doing what I have always done when some body says something I say or do isn't PC I always say {That's alright. I'm not a politician.]
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