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Reid: House 'Being Operated With a Dictatorship of the Speaker'

Alice145 Wrote: Dec 29, 2012 4:39 AM
Senator Reid is the king dictator in the Senate and he has been around too long. Nice and cozy there he is in the pocket of Mr Obama. Reid has apparently forgotten he is supposed to be representing the PEOPLE. And the polls in the past four years have shown that the PEOPLE do NOT want Obamacare, do not want Reid to continually refuse to let the Seanate vote on anything they passed and sen t him. There are Senators who would like to vote and Reid refuses to let them and also refuses to let any impeachment of the dictator-in-chief be heard and sends it back. Who and what does MR Reid approve of??? Evidently Socialism, Marxist and Communist countries that Mr Obama is sending our tax monies to along with weapons, ammunition and USA...