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Oh, don't forget his "good intentions," which outweigh results for all liberals.
You are vastly outnumbered by the other anecdotes having a lousy experience, including the woman whose name was mentioned by Obama in an October speech. She is in Washington, where the amounts of money were "miscalculated." Do you think Obama will ever mention her again?
Such a typical uncompassionate liberal. While millions of people have had their life-saving health insurance canceled by evil Democrats, you are worried about an intra-family dispute.
“He would launch into his views on 'fiat money' and our eyes would glaze over.” If the concept of money, how the government creates it through the Fed, and what branch of government is supposed to create money is too complicated for you, Kurt, maybe you should step aside at let those who know about it take charge. “These libertarians understand that the most effective way to fight statism is to elect the least statist of the two presidential contenders and to focus on a long-term strategy of political work at the grassroots level.” You remember the frog-in-the-boiling water analogy, Kurt? The last one hundred years has given us a Republican Party that only acts as the brake on the massive government Leviathan, stopping the beast from going off the cliff, but keeping it on the road to continue its way towards the all-powerful state. Your lesser-of-two-evils method has failed. “These dorks would happily see the election of a liberal petty fascist like Hillary Clinton, who reeks of nanny statism from every pore, just for the chance to tell the GOP 'I told you so.'” Until you can find such a “libertarian” you are just posing a straw man.
“The Associated Press respects Manning's wish to identify as female.” So if he also wanted to be identified as a chipmunk, would AP also respect that? Gender is a fact, not a choice. It’s in your chromosomes.
"Scaling back demands" is just another way of stating that the Republicans were negotiating, while the Democrats just said "no." The final bill approved by the House and sent to the Senate differed from what the Senate and Obama wanted only in requiring a year moratorium on the individual mandate to Obamacare. Reid again said "no" and refused to submit the bill to a vote. Do you think Americans would not find that bill palatable? You are just another "usefull idiot" of the left.
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