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Another way is to "die with a wimper, not with an explosion." "Resistance is futile." "The natural progress of things is for liberty to yeild, and government to gain ground." - Thomas Jefferson
Remember how HillaryCare was rejected, and led to the first Republican House in 40 years? Americans are willing to ingest socialist utopia, but only if it comes slowly, bite by bite; a little socialism to themselves, more to their children, and yet more to their grandchildren. Republicans are necessary to this process. Republicans are the brakes to the runaway train that would otherwise crash and burn at every tight turn if the Democrats were always in power. Republicans are necessary to the establishment of the socialist utopia, because they rarely repeal Big Government, they just impose more chunks of government upon us that are smaller than those that Democrats would impose. Republicans voted for the laws making sure that you use the proper light bulbs throughout your house. They will not repeal carbon taxes, they will just make them smaller. The only problem with Mr. Hunter's thesis is that it more surely leads to the socialist utopia that Regressives want. I say let us punish the generation that continues to feed coal to the steam engine that lead us into socialist utopia, and not wait until our grandchildren suffer it.
This is the only pertinent sentence in Tanner's article: "But for the most part, immigrants have different skills and job preferences than native-born workers, and they typically take jobs at the high end and low end of the skill spectrum." Why, Mr. Tanner, do we need to bring people from other countries into the U.S. who will earn so little money as to be at "the low end of the skill spectrum?" Is it so that we can increase the 47% of those who don't pay income tax to 50% or 60%? Or so that we can have even more people getting SNAP, WIC, HUD Section 8, etc.? Or is it so that the Democrats can have even more voters who will eventually make the U.S. a socialist paradise?
Regarding Ms. Hagelin's question: "But the truth is, if you are headed to ruin, you are headed to ruin. What does it matter if you are on a rocket headed to hell or a train if you end up in the same place?" It matters because it is much easier to socially engineer an entire culture by doing it slowly than quickly. There is no way that Social Security, Medicare, widespread welfare, and same-sex marriage would have been culturally accepted in the early 1800s. The social changes necessary for those policies to be implemented take many decades. For this reason, it is the Republicans who are more responsible than Democrats for the leftist state of our nation.
Going along with the "stimulus" of cutting FICA taxes to 4%, instead of collecting the taxes necessary to pay for Social Security benefits. Eventually voting in favor of TARP bailout. Prescription drug expansion of Medicare. Federalized education with No Child Left Behind. Increasing spending on farm subsidies. Increasing spending on federalized education. Increasing spending on failed pre-school programs such as Head Start. That's just off the top of my head.
@bigbi1I10: Should we Americans be on-board with all the Democrat spending programs like: 1. CFL mandates, the amount of water in you toilet mandates; no-sugar in your soda mandates; tax & tax & tax mandates; regulatory mandates; stimulus spending mandates, no carbon from your electric utility mandates – leading to huge electricity price mandates; and, yes, ETHANOL MANDATES, because Democrats want to mandate that you don't use gasoline in your cars. 2. Not paying for defense of the United States. 3. The 100 year socialist engineering project in the U.S. 4. Making the U.S. a modern democratic socialist state. 5. Increasing entitlement spending programs by passing ObombaCare, passing Social Security, Medicare, single-payer health care for everyone, abortion for everyone, condoms for everyone, pre-school for everyone, college for everyone, computers for everyone, electric car subsidies, food for everyone, no "joblock" for everyone, "green" (color from your money) tech companies… 6. Expanding the U.S. to include anyone from Mexico and elsewhere who crawls across the border with no skills. Once again, Democrats believe in government much bigger than do Republicans, they just can't be bothered to pay for it. Let's not forget that government expansion was bigger under Obomba than under George W. Bush.
I don't subscribe to NYT. Why don't you tell us?
@ladisney: See Mitchell's quote of Krauthammer: "Or oppose the bailout and bury Obamacare." That means that no bailout will incentivize insurance companies to withdraw from the exchanges, and OBOMBa Care collapses.
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Will States' Rights Go to Pot?

Ali Bertarian Wrote: Jan 04, 2014 2:37 AM
“My objection to both the progressive vision of one-size-fits-all government and some extreme notions of individual liberty is that they both lack the imaginative sympathy required to let groups of people organize their lives in the ways that will let the majority live the way they want to live. “Why not let a thousand flowers bloom? If Colorado wants to legalize weed, fine. If Alabama doesn't, that's fine too. Alabamians who disagree can fight it out democratically, or they can follow Harris' lead and move.” In other words, why do we libertarians insist upon “imposing” freedom on the rest of you.
You sound like someone from private industry who knows how to do stuff. You don't belong in government running our lives.
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