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Welcome to Socialism: 75 Percent Tax For Rich Passed in France

algae Wrote: Sep 30, 2012 10:33 PM
You support those taking a leak on your head libtroll.. and you like it. So what's your point? 23 million unemployed 43 straight months of 8+% unemployment 45 million on food stamps Black poverty at record highs The middle class has lost 33% of its net worth under BHØ Black youth unemployment over 50% Hispanic unemployment at 10.3% Illegals due to receive roughly $7.4 billion through BHØ Additional Child Tax Credit. Food prices up 15% under BHØ Gas prices doubled under BHØ BHØ has the worst job creation record since 1945 BHØ recovery the worst in 75 years Median household income $4,300 declines under BHØ Average family health insurance up $1,500 under BHØ Added $6 trillion to our debt...more than all Presidents. Combined cont...
algae Wrote: Sep 30, 2012 10:34 PM
Presided over only US credit downgrade - Twice
Over 100 million people on some form of means tested welfare
Affordable health care "tax" - largest tax in history
Signed NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) - Direct violation of Constitutional Ammendments 1,4,5,6

BHØ's Failed policies hurt 100% of Americans

This is what you signed up for, Frenchmen. The French government under new socialist President Francois Hollande has approved a 75 percent tax rate for the richest in the country and guess what? It doesn't even begin to solve economic problems.

The budget, approved by France's cabinet on Friday, said that the creation of a new 75 percent tax on millionaires and higher marginal tax rates on high earners would raise some 530 million euros next year.

The new budget also hikes taxes on businesses and investments. Back in May when Hollande was elected,...