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Obama: My "Biggest Priority" is Bringing the Benghazi "Folks" to Justice

algae Wrote: Oct 28, 2012 11:56 AM
"MissingOnAllCylinders" - You will note it didn't take Bush 5 weeks + to say it. A matter of hours. I also recall that on Sept 16 the Bush admin knew who, where they came from and had the planning under way to remove the scum and their training facilities from the planet. 5 days. Not 5 weeks. Unlike your HerØ of ZerØ who still doesn't know "who", even though they sit around bragging about their attack in public. Oh, and it's not a war it's an "Overseas Contingency Operation". Which surely originates from the most mind-numbingly idiotic pretender to intellect ever to inhabit the White House. Would you care to find the moral equivalency there or would you prefer to "nuance" your comment some more? Libtrolls.. disgusting filth as always.

The president appeared on Michael Smerconish's radio program earlier today and addressed the Benghazi attack:


“What happened in Benghazi is a tragedy. We’re investigating exactly what happened. I take full responsibility for that fact. I send these folks in harm’s way, I want to make sure they’re always safe and when that doesn't happen, that we figure out what happened and make sure that doesn't happen again. But my biggest priority now is bringing those folks to justice and I think the American...