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Congrats on the revised 5230 and passing 5272. Too bad the lawless Ø admin has to try a pathetic end run around them.
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The Tea Party’s Talk Radio Ally

algae Wrote: Aug 02, 2014 8:20 PM
The Supreme Court also allowed Øcare. Big Money? Some people would argue that. I certainly wouldn't hold my breath expecting positive results in every case brought before the SCOTUS cr_ap shoot. Another little tidbit about Big Money. Lets not forget the current minders of GM, GE, Fakebook, Goober, Amazon et al. Even the Chamber of Commerce wants illegals in exchange for Big Government payoffs. Big Money loves fascism when it benefits.. wait for it... Big Money. Now what? That's the easiest one of them all. It's the time to toss the liberals out of the Republican party and return it to conservatism. Hey, might even get some voters that way. That being said, any "big round of applause" you might imagine from me regarding Big Money suffers from a case of vapors. At least until Big Money starts acting responsibly towards the rest of the nation and supports the liberties of the citizens. Sometimes even... gosh.. when ethics take precedence over profit.
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Polls: Obama, Obamacare Hit New Lows

algae Wrote: Aug 01, 2014 5:18 PM
I thought he was chewing his cud. My apologies to other ruminants.
I guess that's why the bill failed? At least we know you're 100% pro-amnesty george. Your cards are definitely out on the table. As for your TEA fixation maybe you and Lerner should just get a room.
And Carville was all for Romney :D Motivation for consideration. Pelosi? Regardless of her stance, you can't be taking her seriously. Remember.. she doesn't even read the bills. Somehow, I'm unimpressed by a bad actor who hasn't a valid opinion on anything based on copious amounts of nothing.
"The Bill 'DID NOT' eliminate Amnesty by Barack Obama. " Which is why wee willy, george w and the usual cast of traitors are angry that the POS bill won't pass. Maybe when they grow up they'll realize that a perceived political survival by sacrificing the nation is unwise.
Boehner bought it. Doubled down. With yet another POS bill. What's the problem george, looking for a new houseboy?
Where's "george washington".. the user, not the dead president.. defending his buddy's POS bill? I would have expected front and center in support for brain dead legislation.
gw - "So long as the hotheads" If you aren't a hothead given the current state of the Union, you may not be sentient :D
That's funny, older - Reagan was all about reducing taxes, the very same thing TEA is all about. Maybe you need to re-visit some of those "older" speeches. Here's your starter kit:
And Feinstein - the can't read a bill goofball...and Hare-brained Reed the cattle rustler.. and the Johnson Guam guy, or Pigalosi.. maybe Wassername... even that phoney injun.. Warren.. or perhaps... well there are just so many "geniuses" in the umbrella of Mr. "57 states and I still forget my birthday" to list in one post. :D The big top is open for business!
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