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That's the rhetorical question of the day. The answer, of course, is no. Unless happenstance to their agenda. :D
Where is the 1st Armored Division? They should be removing this miscreant from office.
NSA needs to be gutted a heckuva lot more than that feeble bill. They need to be forced to abide by the Constitution. How tough is that to reconcile?
The "bills" that all republicans voted for? Keystone? Quit being obtuse pack. It's unbecoming of sentient beings.
Traitor Hal. Traitor - a person who betrays a friend, country, principle... Can Hal deny it?
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Beheading the Religion of Pieces

algae Wrote: Nov 18, 2014 2:09 PM
An argument lacking in rationality. The gist of it being that people I don't know, from a foreign nation, tell me to practice barbarism, therefore it is only reasonable that I do so. I suppose you will claim that you don't know anyone capable of exercising their own thought process to formulate rational decisions and actions. Or is everyone like little remote controlled drones to you? Plug em' in and watch em' go? While some of weak minds may subjugate themselves to others, I would suggest the majority of individuals would not.
I count maybe 20 republican patriots in Senate. Not a great prospect, but still a lot better than 20 more democrats. :D
+ impeachment hearings daily. Always on the hook. Never off... the cretin in the White House lives by that as I'm sure we all recall - "never let a crisis never go to waste" - Rahm E. Now R.E's quote curiously attributed circa 2013 to Winston Churchill :D Doing a little history rewrite guys? Actual attribution could go back to about 1976, when M. F. Weiner wrote an article in the journal Medical Economics entitled “Don’t Waste a Crisis". That's about the closest anyone comes to Emanuel's creepy still-born phrase. Fa(c) needs to check their own fa(c)ts!
"If that's the case, a new instance of the GOP being right about ACA should cause journalists .. " I see a problem right there. How many "journalists" of the political streak are actually engaged in journalism? How many are simply people with press badges and knee pads? The vast majority are no more than administration propaganda writers and mouthpieces doing as they are told. Not too much credibility checking is required for them and messy things like facts just tend to get in the way.
I think most of the "democrat" base needs to be tried for treason. So much for that theory of "retain ØCare" will produce great things. You think this forum will support the lunacy you advocate? Capitulate and subordinate? Insane.
Things "done" presumably does not include letting the fascist in chief exercise dictatorial authority that he does not legally possess. I'd like things "done" as long as it doesn't continue to infringe on the unalienable rights of US citizens. Things "done" should include removing the vestiges of what I would call the equivalent of genital warts from our nation. i.e. Øcare, a foreign policy fit for traitors and an intense desire by government to not only run every aspect of our daily lives but to have an apparatus installed to make sure we comply. Good day Sir!
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