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I love the Screamin' Jay reference :D Whoever you are you, you get musician street cred from me. :D I put a spell on you .. wonderful reference. Screamin Jay did a great parody of the voodoo cult. A fantastic Halloween blues tune.. including the chuckling chickens :D Carry on :D I like Creedence for trying to bring some of that backwater blues to America.
That's a given george. How many TEA candidates have the democrats fielded? Do you think that the party of tax more spend, more welcomes TEA? For giggles, ask any libtroll on TH if they would vote for a TEA candidate. "Though there has been some intermingling between the two camps, the country has yet to see a formidable Democrat emerge as a tea party candidate." http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/tea-party-democrats-do-exist/2011/07/05/gHQAjeadzH_story.html TEA is more Republican than many Republicans :D
The Pig likes it. What more can you say :D
I don't argue with the semantically challenged. Nor with research based on Wikipedia. It serves no purpose. George Bernard Shaw — 'Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.
In all fairness to the recognition of intelligent life everywhere she should withdraw and take her asinine comments, twits or whatever you like to define them as, with her. Hispanic (white or otherwise) - trust me I've seen that on plenty of .gov forms regardless of census agency, Asian, Hawaiian, Native, Black, Oreo.. ad infinitum. It's hardly a misspeak if someone chooses another acronym of Big Government to identify as to what is a "race". Perhaps you need to go back to debating what "is" really is.
"Well, as a somewhat intelligent person" - self promotion never hurt anyone. But then, you should have something to back it up :D
crayze infers - "Ebola deadly disease disseminated by his Ø messiah, enjoy it". Oh yeah.. I know you'll have fun whack job. Death, destruction, Øbola. Weee! What a piece of work.
Sure crayze.. have another deep draft of the kool-aid. Too bad ebola isn't libtroll specific.
Solyndra crony in charge. What could possibly go wrong? Intent - malevolent. competence - none. The Ø and admin - traitors to the last.
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