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"where was your man Bush"? Living rent free in your febrile mind. The same as with all libtrolls, leftists and other similar. And... notice.. he's still there too :O
"Of course! just like the birth certificate is fake" And you, no doubt, possess the REALLY real cert? Please tell us all which organization of document expertise has concluded that the cert is real? What e-verify has proven that the Connecticut SSN is valid? Where are your facts? All you've done is revert to knee jerk responses carefully provided by a lawless administration. Trust them? And you have the temerity to talk "kool-aid". HA HA HA HA
Ø is definitely fascist, not so much communist and definitely ALL traitor. Of pertinent note, the muslim brotherhood was born of fascism (see 1930's rise of Nazi Germany to WW II). They fit well with the Ø objectives and methods. Consequently, you will nearly always see them supported, equipped and covered by Ø to the greatest extent possible. Hugo Chavez was more along the familiar communist mold where business and private property become "state properties" aka "kept for the people by the elite" while the social construct is heavily controlled. Fascism allows business and private property ownership. Like communism the social construct is heavily controlled. As long as business produces and does as they are told they are rewarded and allowed to continue. It is recognized as more prudent to allow capital development and industrial capacity than rely on a "central planning authority" such as the old monolithic Soviet Union. The "communist" Chinese are more true to this form as well. Both communism and fascism are, of course, rooted in "socialism" and because of that are almost interchangeable. The main objective being dictatorship and control of a pliant servant class. I'm not sure who really runs the show. Ø is more puppet than puppet master.
Problem with #5 already: "institute a check verify for citizenship" President Ø cannot pass E-verify with his fraudulent SSN. http://www.wnd.com/2013/12/why-couldnt-healthcare-gov-validate-obamas-identity/ Unless you have another methodology in mind to verify citizenship?
He's just doing the job that no American wants to do. :D Destroy America. Go back home Varg. And.. oh yeah.. take your "children" with you. Thanks.
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Sen. Warren Embraces 'Pugnacious' Populism

algae Wrote: Jul 15, 2014 6:29 PM
Correct Englishlass. Judging from the creepy Fauxcahontas' statements about "mom" working for Sears, I'd wager she never worked there or if she did the stories have undergone significant revision. It reminds me of the Hillary Clintonism .. how she was 'dead broke' upon leaving White House (with a pillowcase full of silverware). "We was so poor that when mamma went to McDonald's she had to put the milkshakes on layaway...." "We was so poor that when people saw me walking down the street with one shoe on they'd say "I think you lost a shoe". I'd say "nah I found one..." "We was so poor the whole fambly ate cereal with a fork to save milk...." "We was so poor, our TV had only two channels: ON and OFF..." "We was so poor we couldn't afford to pay attention..."
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White House Defends Immigration Actions

algae Wrote: Jul 08, 2014 12:19 AM
Some kind of rabid radical extremist dissident are you? Well keep it up :D
Just more libtrolling.. from the KonspiracyKoala.
All the corruption is cool as long as your guy is on top? That's so reminiscent of the democrat demographic as to be pathetic. I won't suggest you should come out of the closet and declare (D) but hey.. give it enough time.. it will grow on you. Whatever happened to Free and Fair elections? Or were you part of the Romney Rig the Vote effort too? How'd that work out for ya?
I didn't expect a response but that was fun. Thanks for the grin samplin :D
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