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America's Next President

algae Wrote: 8 hours ago (12:32 AM)
Indeed, wishful thinking. But of all wishes filled or not, it's not a bad wish. That being said, I'm afraid I already have the biggest herd of "wish" horses this side of the Mississippi. Every beggar on earth would ride for free if I had the saddles for them.
I'm with you Michelle. Just say no to Jebba the Hut. Love your columns btw.
I think you got it JTX. I don't think many others do/
I'm ready for the outrage, public appearances and crazy lawsuits by the Sandy Hook "survivors" regarding the slaughter of 145 (mostly children) in Pakistan by the fervent followers of the "religion of peace" known as islamofascists. 12.16.2014 Clearly it was the fault of Kalashnikov..... not that peaceful "islam" religion. Will anyone be surprised if there is no response? I doubt it. Even the Ø failed to mention "islam" in his condolence to Pakistan speech. I'm sure the incident will go down as another fine example of disgusting liberal filth and their selective moral outrage.
Yet another Libtroll apologist for muslim killers. It's just "Workplace Violence" according to the psychotic liberal narrative. Right will?
Was that "we", the democrats, george? :D Just teasing. I love the Republicans in charge and hope they actually become conservatives again :)
"fund health insurance, early childhood education, the fight against climate change and expand manufacturing hubs to grow jobs." See dictionary re: Oxymoron. Insane people making insane choices for you.
Go ahead. Re-brand it. Glory in your grubering idiocy. Then repeal it.
... and subsequently deny they had anything to do with it while collecting fees to do so. The best that can be said about the ol' Grub is he's a flagrant perjurer. Why are people like Grub even permitted to be compensated from public funds of any kind? Apparently crime pays .. especially in the federal government.
The 5th column lying liars doing what they do. No one should be surprised. They've done it for decades. As for the propagandists.. It's your choice. Trade your belief systems for journalism. I'll bet there are no takers among the lot of you. You haven't the guts.
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