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I propose changing the GOP symbol from elephant to coelenterate *radially symmetrical animals having saclike bodies with only one opening and tentacles with stinging structures; aka jellyfish
Apparently LoIsSoNumb... As evidenced .. the Ø hasn't governed for 6+ years. Vacationed a lot. Dictated a lot. Violated the oath of office a lot. Governed ... not so much.
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Exciting News Out of Salem Media Group

algae Wrote: Feb 25, 2015 12:22 AM
CNN.. Why CNN? Because of their "credibility"? Seriously? Perhaps they figure all conservative constituents hang out in Airport lobbies. Or have we collectively stumbled into a nightmare Twilight Zone episode?
I didn't see any reference to Al Capone. That would be your "squirrel", not mine. The issue was Olberman being wrong. And you too. Pretty succinct and evident for nearly anyone with reading comprehension.
He HATES the nation and citizens. It's no stretch at all to extend the conclusion.
Right "lll". Despite your "disclaimer" - Smear the Cancer Charity. Smear the rest of the school. Smear the students and graduates. Because that is what you are doing despite your denial. The same as Olberman. All in the name of "Sandusky" who was sentenced to 30-60 (essentially life). Officials involved lost their jobs. The school was fined something on the order of 70 million $. It's hard to discern exactly what your point is other than trying to prop up "Jerk" Olberman's performance. And you are just as wrong. Tell me how Penn State refused to "own" it. Because no one was executed in front of the library? What form of justice would you see fit to say it was "owned"? What IS your idea of Justice? Deliver equal enmity to the pervs in Hollyweird and the Ø administration. Look up all the tools supporting Ø's corruption and treason. Tell me that they have been delivered to justice and "owned" it. Then I'll say you "may" have a point.
Much more so then your Ø, the twisted totalitarian swiveling his way through the golf courses. Rejoice in your goosestep eh?
Not many cogent people must know him then "bs"mith. Because all thinking people think he's a pile of it. Either as a raving incompetent or an outright enemy of this nation. The rest of you libtrolls happily suck up his totalitarian schtick thinking you'll come out rosy. Thinking "Maybe I be in charge of politburo if I watch what I say!" "Maybe a big time leader where I can get black market goods while others cannot!" "Maybe like Castro in little Cuba I can be a big swine among lesser!" Glorious aspiration you have there libtroll.
"epsilon/einstein" then logic dictates it must be your opinion that Ø is a total ignoramus. Well done.
Doesn't matter what "side" calls Ø a traitor. Ø is a traitor. Muslim Brotherhood anyone?
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