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gw - "So long as the hotheads" If you aren't a hothead given the current state of the Union, you may not be sentient :D
That's funny, older - Reagan was all about reducing taxes, the very same thing TEA is all about. Maybe you need to re-visit some of those "older" speeches. Here's your starter kit: http://reagan2020.us/speeches/A_Time_for_Choosing.asp
And Feinstein - the can't read a bill goofball...and Hare-brained Reed the cattle rustler.. and the Johnson Guam guy, or Pigalosi.. maybe Wassername... even that phoney injun.. Warren.. or perhaps... well there are just so many "geniuses" in the umbrella of Mr. "57 states and I still forget my birthday" to list in one post. :D The big top is open for business!
Outside of third trimester partial birth .. meaning half-way out the chute.. which we know they support, what is the dem "really real view"? Alien impregnation only? :D
I could see that. Which side goes up? :D
The red paint bucket for the new "red" line about to come out? News flash for the Ø admin - Stali-Putin could care less. Ø simpers... "comply or, well, you know, I may have to be even more flexible."
I'd say Moderate Liberal - plenty icky but lots better than the Ø. However, light years from Ø politically? Very much true. As long as GOP doesn't toss up another shill to get knocked down.. I am hopeful.
How quickly thou dost forget 2010. Resoundingly.
DC isn't a state so they can play "gotcha". That said, DC isn't much for the Constitution either. They do like to hold it hostage, pay lip service to it and find it handy for photo-ops though.
White House concurs with you "libsuppertroll". That's why they are in a quandary. Should they stock up the bunkers and try to wait it out or bulk purchase cyanide in anticipation for the inevitable trials of treason?
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