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The fact is that there are still only 20 proven patriots in the Senate. It's not enough to have (R) or (D) in front of the name. Nothing I haven't said before and won't say again. :D The measure of the man or woman is to hold to the convictions and letter of the Constitution. I still have hopes that the new "squishy" people don't cave to the "big interest" "have a cigar" crowd and will be their OWN man or woman. Outside of 1st armored division driving into DC.. that's what we have.
Hence my take off on the name Nos. :D I consider the D- natural science student Algore to be nothing more than the greatest fraud of our time. (ps I don't worry about your spelling.. TH doesn't let you edit)
Sarcasm noted and appreciated :D
He is nothing he could resign from. Jebba the Hut that is :D But he wantsa be pres-dent. :D It's too ludicrous to imagine.
I'm going for "you want fries with that?" In a convincing tone :D
Geez.. I never heard of all those things Doug. Can you provide attribution? That sounds pretty terrible. How has her voting record been? Consistent with the claims?(amnesty, impeachment positions and all that).
I propose changing the GOP symbol from elephant to coelenterate *radially symmetrical animals having saclike bodies with only one opening and tentacles with stinging structures; aka jellyfish
Apparently LoIsSoNumb... As evidenced .. the Ø hasn't governed for 6+ years. Vacationed a lot. Dictated a lot. Violated the oath of office a lot. Governed ... not so much.
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Exciting News Out of Salem Media Group

algae Wrote: Feb 25, 2015 12:22 AM
CNN.. Why CNN? Because of their "credibility"? Seriously? Perhaps they figure all conservative constituents hang out in Airport lobbies. Or have we collectively stumbled into a nightmare Twilight Zone episode?
I didn't see any reference to Al Capone. That would be your "squirrel", not mine. The issue was Olberman being wrong. And you too. Pretty succinct and evident for nearly anyone with reading comprehension.
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