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A Good Day for the GOP in Wisconsin and California

algae Wrote: Jun 11, 2012 8:45 PM
BØ will really be helping you out there on your Constitutional interpretations, I'm sure. HA HA HA "30% of the Government employees who have been severely damaged by Walker, and to whom the State has proved to be liars, were Republicans! Many like me!" They are liars as well? You just said you were "Constitutional Party". Oh well, I guess you can't keep all the eggs in the air while juggling facts and fantasy. I'm not surprised, since you suck off the public teat, you want all you can eat.
Chries Wrote: Jun 11, 2012 11:43 PM
Ronald360, if you oppose Obama and don't vote for Romney, you are supporting Obama.

Think about it... it's true.

We pundits have been busy crunching the results in last Tuesday's Wisconsin recall election and have noted that the public-employee unions sustained a huge defeat.

Some have also looked west, to California, where San Diego and San Jose voters Tuesday voted 66 and 69 percent to cut back public-employee pensions. Those cities voted 63 and 69 percent for Barack Obama in 2008.

But there's something else worth noting in the California returns. State voters adopted a new primary procedure, in which the top two vote-getters, regardless of party, go on to the general election.

Washington state had a...