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Romney to Camera in New Ad: Let's Talk About The Economy

AlfredRegius Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 9:40 PM
Thank you, Summers. I appreciate your response. I presume you think Obama and Carter share some of the same (highly objectionable) weaknesses? I, too, remember Carter. And when he was president, I really didn't like his policies. Reagan was my man back then. And I was ecstatic when he was elected in '80 and then again in '84. In the last 24 years, though, I have revised my views on both Carter and Reagan. Carter has grown on me--not just as a good human being but as a president. And Reagan--though I still love him--has come to seem less and less the good president I took him to be.

And now, a word from Mitt Romney:


Some conservatives will bristle at Romney's assertion that "both President Obama and I care about poor and middle class families."  Democrats rarely afford Republicans this benefit of the doubt.  Indeed, they often say that Republicans hate the poor and want to decimate the middle class -- all for the nefarious purpose of enriching their "millionaire and billionaire" buddies.  This has been a central thrust of Obamaworld's attacks on Mitt Romney over the last year....