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Wow! I love that man (Barack Obama)! Listen to what he has to say about Jesus! Listen to what he has to say about faith in God.
Thank you, Summers. I appreciate your response. I presume you think Obama and Carter share some of the same (highly objectionable) weaknesses? I, too, remember Carter. And when he was president, I really didn't like his policies. Reagan was my man back then. And I was ecstatic when he was elected in '80 and then again in '84. In the last 24 years, though, I have revised my views on both Carter and Reagan. Carter has grown on me--not just as a good human being but as a president. And Reagan--though I still love him--has come to seem less and less the good president I took him to be.
Okay, NullifyNow. Explain the "murderer and thief" charge. I'm not with you (yet).
Folks! What good do we do when we express contempt and disdain for those who disagree with us? I can't think of any. Sharp disagreements are to be expected. But can't we engage in those disagreements while recognizing and remembering the inestimable value (to us!) of the folks on the other side? I am a strong supporter of Mr. Obama, but I want to know why the folks who dislike him dislike him. I want to know their (your) reasons. I want to know how they (you) see things--not to hammer them (you), but to understand. And I appreciate your replies and perspectives. I also ask your patience and forgiveness for the Obama supporters who say insulting and demeaning things in these comment sections.
Folks, here's the best way to spot a charlatan: See if he (harshly or even smilingly) dismisses the evidence against his position. Seasoned researchers understand that there is always a likelihood of error in anyone's findings but that when all the findings are taken together, random errors tend to cancel each other out. Hence, the more evidence (pro and con) we take into account, the more likely our conclusions and/or results approximate the truth. Honesty in research, therefore, requires a willingness to embrace unwelcome news.
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What Is Obama's Biggest Failure?

AlfredRegius Wrote: Sep 25, 2012 9:01 PM
Well, folks, I can see that a good number of you really, really don't like Mr. Obama, but let me tell you why I do. He really has tried to work with the Republicans. For one thing, the health care reform act which he signed into law is what the Heritage Foundation--and Republicans in Congress--proposed in response to Mr. Clinton's health care reform bill in the mid-90's. For a second, he--Mr. Obama--went to Capitol Hill and met with the Republicans and tried to establish common ground. Third, he tried to work out a deficit reduction plan with Mr. Boehner last summer. The list goes on. There are many, many more instances of his having reached out. I deeply appreciate these efforts to build--rather than to burn--bridges.
Things are gettin' kinda rowdy tonight, folks! The insults are flying fast and furiously. I'd just like to point out that however much--and however earnestly--we may disagree, we are all Americans and we matter to each other. Sure, we get worked up about our differences, but in the end we know that the things that unite us are so much more important than the thinks that divide us. So... I'm gonna wish all you folks well--liberals, conservatives, libertarians, progressives, the whole lot of you. May you all be surrounded by good and loving friends tonight. May you all be richly blessed by unexpected, unsought acts of grace and kindness.
Aura, I deeply appreciate your efforts to be informed and to base your conclusions upon all the evidence rather than just the evidence that fits your expectations. That sort of commitment takes enormous energy, discipline, and a willingness to self-assess. Thank you.
No, Mr. Obama does not believe in taking wealth by force. He believes in working through due legislative and political process to try to convince a majority of elected representatives to tax the wealth at slightly higher rates than they are presently taxed. That sort of belief is not a resort to force. Force doesn't care about due process or persuasion or working within constitutional restraints. Mr. Obama does.
Mr. Obama inherited an imploding economy. Without any help from the Republican side of the aisle, he has done as much as anyone could to halt the disintegration and to begin the process of cleaning up. Please note: The exploding deficits are a result of the economic implosion coupled with legally mandated spending (for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, payments on the debt, and a host of other expenditures). Had McCain (or anyone else) been elected, the deficit would have exploded just as much. But I don't think we would have seen the economic growth that we have actually experienced since the Great Recession actually ended in late 2009. The European experiments with austerity have not worked. Nor would ours have!
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